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Hello, My name is Clint and I moved to Puerto Rico 8 years ago. I purchased a 25 acres farm here in Las Marias to pursue my passion in sustainability and farming. I live on the property along with my significant other Andrea. We love the outdoors, here especially. Because of the warm, pleasant climate PR is known for, the possibilities are endless. You can spend most of your days outside, the bugs are present but not prevalent, and you can garden all year round. The colors are phenomenal; everywhere you go you’ll see amazing hues. Flowers are always bursting and fruits bloom in seasons, so there’s always something fresh to eat! Most of all, the land is very peaceful. We are away from much on the top of our own mountain and it’s very quiet and soothing and provides a place for much reflection and quiet time as well. My goal is to live as independently and sustainably as possible and this area is perfect for it. We recycle and reuse everything we can; food sources, energy sources and more. We have solar panels, our own rain catch water system that provides all the water for the house, and a gravity pump that pumps water halfway up the hill from the natural spring which provides all of our drinking water. We plant saplings and seedlings and nurture them daily to continue planting more on the land. I have cleared many areas now which I have planted with about a 300 different types of fruit and flowering trees. We compost all waste either in our large compost pile which can be turned into mulch to fertilize our trees for example, and our animal compost system with our pig. We also have a compost toilet (with a spectacular view!). The goal is to waste as little as possible; everything is being used in some way. 2 week minimum for those volunteers that need transportation. I’m generally looking for people with hard work ethic, a love of outdoors, and those looking to learn more about living independently and sustainably off the grid. Also those interested in living consciously. You must have initiative as I need self motivators who can jump in and help wherever needed. I’m also open to new ideas that you may have. Here there is always something that can be done, so we strike a balance between work and downtime. I’m looking for everyone to be happy and have a fun time as well. Examples of work here: Tending Vegetable Garden Clearing pineapple plants of weeds Clearing out Orange Groves Helping build ponds or pipe systems on the land Building outdoor cabin Planting different trees/flowers Building a greenhouse Typical day is working in the morning and late afternoon/evening is free time. We work four hours daily 5 days a week. I would like to start building some small eco cabins made out of natural building techniques such as cob or bamboo soon, and be able to provide these to volunteers to stay in when they are completed. We are fairly isolated, with the closest store about 2 miles away, so you need to be comfortable with less people and city or town around you. With that being said, there is tons to do here on the land. There are many places to explore; we have waterfalls and creeks you can hike to, fields to picnic or camp in, a roof perfect for stargazing, a large hammock tied between our Mango tree and Palm tree, and so much more to explore. The property is connected to miles of public trails that were once used by the fruit farmers. The land is also excellent for bird watching. If you need to run in to town I’m also amenable to take you when it works. Accommodations: There is a house with electricity on the land that can sleep up to 8. I provide a fully stocked kitchen for you to use and food to eat (mostly plant based), including many organic items from right here on the land. I accommodate special dietary requests. Volunteers cook for themselves and clean up after themselves as well. Sleeping accommodations will be a bunk bed upstairs and there are two bathrooms and 2 showers in the home. Mosquitos are not a huge hassle, but we are in the outdoors and they do exist here. I have mosquito nets by request. Camping: The place is perfect for camping; chose any spot on the property you wish. Many places have ocean views of Añasco Bay and also access to fresh flowing water from the creek and springs on the land. Where: 25 acres in Las Marias, about 45 minutes interior east of the town Rincón. Pick up: I will pick you up in the town of Mayagüez or Anasco on the West side of the island and drive you to the land. Please make your own arrangements to get to Mayagüez. Cape air has flights out of San juan to Mayaguez for $60 and the public bus from San Juan will run about $20 to get to mayaguez. If any of this sounds like something you want to participate in send me a message, I’d love to hear from you! Activities: Animal care, Food preservation, Greenhouse maintenance, Harvesting, Help with eco-projects, Irrigation / watering, Landscaping, Natural building, Planting, Seed saving, Seeding / transplanting, Self-sufficiency, Weeding, Wood-working Area of my property: 25.00 acres Host Type: Vegan friendly, Permaculture, Vegetables, Orchard, Garden, Homestead Organic/biological methods used on my property: No chemical pesticides or fertilizers used. Only traditional methods with compost and other natural sources. Methodologies: Composting, Conservation, Ecological farming, Green construction, Hydroponics, Low stress animal handling, Mulching, No-till agriculture, Permaculture, Renewable energy, Without chemicals or pesticides Animals: Dogs Products made: Herbs, Seeds, Teas, Tropical fruit, Vegetables

My significant other Andrea and I manage the property and everyone can be expected to be treated like family when you are here. we spend a lot of time together working on the land, preparing meals and going out on adventures to see this beautiful island. We take this very serious but love to have fun with it. We hope everyone brings enthusiasm, good spirit and just ready to join us and jump right on in. Someone looking to experience what tropical farm life is like and what it entails to live off grid and only produce your power from solar and capture water from rain catchment. Everyone that comes here will learn skills that will help them to live more independently. Volunteers take part in all daily activities here and learn first hand what it takes to live off grid.


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Las Marias Project has been the best work exchange I've done so far! Huge library of information on herbalism, self sustainability, nutrition, and so much more. The hours are very fair and the community has great people to spark engaging conversations with. There is so much potential for starting projects, and plenty of maintenance to be done. Still here currently and hope to stay longer!

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The farm is located in a beautiful jungle in Las Marías. We had an amazing experience volunteering here and meeting wonderful people that are passionate about what they do. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with nature and learn about permaculture as well as living off-grid. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to a project that aims to promote a more conscious and harmonious relationship with nature.

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The farm is located in the beautiful jungle of Las Marías. We had an amazing experience volunteering here and meeting wonderful people that are passionate about what they do. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with nature and learn about permaculture as well as living off-grid.
We are grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to a project that aims to promote a more conscious and harmonious relationship with nature.

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