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Legasea Cascais Guesthouse is an antique and traditional family house in the heart of the picturesque village of Cascais. This entire house has been fully restored keeping its original trace and charm. Our intention is to keep alive the spirit once lived in this old family house by welcoming and caring for each person as part of the family.

We will always be present at the house, filled with local programs, activities and suggestions to ensure that each guest has an unforgettable and authentic experience. This house is operated and frequented by locals and we want to turn it into a reference place in Cascais where a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle is promoted.


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Lack of clear agreements and clear communication, that ended in a weird manner.
Shown to me a very conservative and provincial side of Portugal social archetypes I could see superficially before. Now face to face! 
Felt they were irresponsible about hosting a volunteer and twisting things around and pulling on the back of the volunteer: someone that “they don’t know!” 
I felt unsafe and took a week to find a different circumnstance. Only wished to leave soon. 
Feel compassionate for the whole circumstance, not able to make a nice review. Only sorry for.
Learning circumnstance? not really.

11 meses atrás

Francesco respondeu

Dear Eduarda,

We find it very unfortunate to read this comment coming from you. It was never our intention to make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe (as you say).

Let us start saying that this a critical learning moment for us. As we just started with the lovely guesthouse and all our good intentions with it, we noticed that this experience with you gave us more insight to become more selective with our recruitment process.

As we intended to give you a warm welcome to the family as one of our first staff members with this complete new concept, we wanted this experience for you and for us to be as convenient and pleasant as possible.

From our experience we can not agree with the feedback that you are giving here. As we want the best for our guesthouse, we hoped to find someone more responsible, respectful, pro active and loyal.

At the end of our time together, we realized that working together was not good for the both us. As we wanted the best for you, we did gave you a 5 star rating, just to give you the opportunity to find work somewhere else. 

However, after we experienced situation where you have not been telling us the truth about circumstances, including insulting one of our staff members. We felt a strong disconnection in keeping you here.

So we decided to end our work relation. We have been flexible and even gave you all the time necessary for you to prepare yourself to find a different place as you were still able to make use of our accommodation.

As we want to notify other businesses concerning working with you, we do find it important to share this. As our concern is to promote loyal and pro-active volunteers within the industry.

What we have observed:
- Lack of commitment: i.e. as guests had a time slot for checking in, you were multiple times not present to receive the guests (as this was your main responsibility during that shift)
- Lack of responsibility: i.e. you were using the kitchen to cook your own meal, while other staff needed the kitchen for the purpose of serving our guests. Even without cleaning.
- Not pro-active work behavior: where we expect our staff to get involved and help out a hand when needed, we felt like you more intended to avoid those situations.

We have a list of more examples of situations where you did not meet the expectations of the basics of hospitality work.

we would like to point out that we have been very flexible, trying to make you feel at home, as you could use all of the material. However, you gave us more the feeling that you were here to make use of our hospitality rather than getting involved and showing commitment in genuinely helping us out in the guesthouse.

Kind regards,

Legasea Guesthouse

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