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--- We are open again, since May 18th! --- Little Paradise is a meditation and retreat center offering 'best' conditions for people on individual retreat. People visiting the house have reported the following learnings from the stay with us: - establishing or intensifying a daily meditation routine, - experiencing (deep) inner peace and stillness, - broad learning about a multitude of questions (concerning inner work and spirituality) that might have arisen during their stay with us, - visions/ideas and motivation to proceed with new projects in their lives. You are welcome as a volunteer if you: - enjoy deep (inner) silence, - like to meditate with us, twice daily, - like to pay attention to detail and precision in your work and most everything you do, - would like to reduce your digital media intake to what is necessary, during your stay with us, - are 'experienced' on the spiritual path: You have your own spiritual practice and MUST have been on a spiritual retreat before, You need to have your own practices and topics that you want to work or focus on as otherwise you will be bored quickly. Beginners on the spiritual path were oftentimes not happy here, as we just "live" a deep spiritual focus that has some elements of monastic life. We do not offer specific schooling or teaching, but the house provides support for your own efforts in a multitude of ways. For some volunteers, the stay with us has been truly transformational. Of course, this is very much dependent upon the individual person coming.

In the house, we aim to combine a detached clarity (and a certain strictness that is necessary for this clarity) with a more female warmth and caring when hosting our guests. We are two permanent residents and offer three private guestrooms (and one for the volunteers). Volunteers oftentimes become half family, half guest, half employee, half meditation companion. They become part of the ever-changing small community that resides in our place. It is mostly up to the individual volunteer in how far they prefer to socialize, lose themselves in nature or meditation or just enjoy a mix of all of this. We are intense meditators and like to meditate for 3-4 hours, daily (morning and evening group meditations). Volunteers are expected to have an interest in meditation and going inwards. On the date of your arrival please arrive no later than 6.30 pm. Later check-in is not possible.


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It was completely amazing! Maria and Antje are fantastic hosts, they made me feel super comfortable.

The working hours and the work are really fair; the house is fantastic (especially the garden!); the food is always fresh and good; the guests are super friendly; the region is so beautiful with lakes and forests.

But more than that, having two meditations per day and an environment that helps you to think about what is really important in life, to stay in the present and to learn to listen to your heart is the thing that made this experience so special for me. Magical and life changing!


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I cannot say enough about Little Paradise. This was my second time back and was even more magical than the first. The space is absolutely beautiful and Maria and Antia dedicate their lives to serving others, which is what makes the experience so authentic and genuine.

I highly recommend to anyone following a spiritual practice, to further yourself by volunteering in this space. It is magical and the hosts are wonderful.




Maria and Antje are great hosts I had an incredible time with them
taking care of the house, garden and meditating together.
Hoisdorf and the nearby region is very beautiful and I had plenty of time to myself to explore the surrounding. highly recommend to anyone who want to deepen his spirituality and to relax.




Hostess Maria is always in a good mood and is very dynamic and loving to support the work! The Retreat is beautiful, very organized and also clean! The foods are delicious, healthy and fresh! I made new friends with guests and volunteers too! It is an excellent place to visit and reflect on your goals ... there are great books in the library and daily meditations help us understand our reasons for being there! The company of the 3 cats always does very good energy. Little Paradise Retreat will always be in my prayers.




At Little Paradise one can experience, how fine it is to be self, to express their needs, to speak the truth inside white out free, to be heard with patience. Everyone are willcome and accepted as they are, and can feels free to make a journey to ones deepest potentials.

Ones can feels here how easy it is to reconnect with the inner, the outer, the higher and deeper source trouhg intense meditation and retreat.

An the four cats, every once having it's own personality, are so amazing. They will reveal a lot about ourselves. It's great.

Thanks so much for the great experience. Best regards.


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