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Our nonprofit foundation offers 40+ service volunteering opportunities in the fields of health, education, business, agriculture, and the arts. We ONLY offer free lodging on internal volunteer roles (renovation project, marketing assistant, nonprofit management, maintenance, housekeeper, nanny, landscaper, and cook). All other listed positions cost $15 USD per day to cover your lodging and the program participation. We are not your typical Worldpackers offering. We primarily facilitate elaborate Global Health Teams of pre-med and nursing undergraduates mainly from the U.S. where we conduct public health campaigns and actual medical clinics with a pharmacy for coffee farm workers. Because we have many established relationship in Chinchina and surrounding communities, we began offering individual GAP Year, Spanish immersion, Internships, and volunteer opportunities. Our leadership has 20+ years of U.S. higher education management experience and can help you find college credit for your volunteer experience. Reach out to us to tell us about your goals and let us know about your skills and personal talents/skills that will help us craft a custom service volunteering for you; truly a once in a lifetime opportunity in beautiful central Andean Colombia. Our professional staff is bilingual and are local talents. Our facility is a traditional 100+ yrs. old home with brand new 15 guest beds overlooking the downtown plaza engaging the community every day. We're in the heart of Chinchina, and Chinchina is the heart of the Eje Cafetero.

Hi, I'm Glen! I'm a social entrepreneur who enjoys bringing together people and resources to solve real-life challenges. I am a former high school teacher, university advisor, US Marine Corps officer, hold a graduate degree in service learning & leadership education and really love meeting motivated positive people. Come MINGA with us! Stay as long as you like, as long as you enjoy 'serving' alongside our team. You'll LOVE Chinchina's Coffee Culture and you'll certainly LOVE Colombia. Our community is not touristy! You'll definitely experience a Spanish immersion no matter which of our service volunteering experience you choose.

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Jardinagem Cuidado de plantas e animais Consertar & Construir Cuidar de animais

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Cuidar de crianças Trabalho social

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Cuidar de animais Consertar & Construir Jardinagem Cuidado de plantas e animais

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Trabalho social Ensinar idiomas Ensinar esportes Artes

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Bartender Ajudante de cozinha Mestre cuca

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Cuidar de animais Consertar & Construir

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Cuidar & Arrumar Ajuda na limpeza Ajudante de cozinha

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Jardinagem Consertar & Construir Pintar & Decorar Artes

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Trabalho social Ensinar esportes

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Cuidar de crianças Ensinar idiomas Ensinar esportes Trabalho social

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Mídias sociais Organizar eventos e festas Fotografia Produção de vídeo

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Ensinar esportes Artes Cuidar de crianças Ensinar idiomas

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Real nice people

9 dias atrás


It was a very independent program well organised most of the time. I took part in the colombia bilingue english teaching fellowship

5 meses atrás


The project of Minga House is only organized to receive students of the health area, very interesting work and that they have been doing for about 3 years. I had the opportunity to go to two villages with the health personnel and developed a punctual work of paintings with the children.
Recently, Minga House has begun to receive volunteers from other areas (in which I am included) and the fact is that they are not being able to integrate into work in the local community (what happened to me also happened to other volunteer colleagues).
I returned to Portugal earlier than planned.

mais de 1 ano atrás

Costa Rica

Amazing staff, great experience. Locals are very nice and you don't have to spend much because food is very cheap. I would recommend it. Thank you Minga!

mais de 1 ano atrás

Glen respondeu

Thank you, Rommy! You rock! You are always welcome back at Minga House! :-)


I had a great experience with Glen at ISL Colombia. The organization provides extremely unique experiences for its volunteers and staff, and it was eye-opening to be a part of their work!

mais de 2 anos atrás

Glen respondeu

Alix, the video you made was beautiful and has been very helpful in bringing more sustainable long-term assistance for the community. A year after your visit, I think you would be very proud of how far we've taken Minga House.

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