Moinhos Velhos

We've been running juice detox and yoga programmes for over 30 years and the place is a treasure trove of holistic wellness and natural health knowledge! We have a great sense of community and like to have a high vibration positive outlook, clean living, but fun!

Volunteers are treated like one of the family - we all eat together and share the community experience. But in turn we desire people to show motivation and enthusiasm and see it as more than a job - it's a chance to participate in a beautiful natural environment full of lovely gentle and sensitive people who treat you well!

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The great Moinhos Velhos! An amazing spot for Worldpackers.

The tasks are fair and relaxed, the property is beautiful and peaceful; you have a pool and a sauna, shared kitchen and living room, and if you're lucky even a staff car you can use in order to explore the various beaches and hikes in the Algarve. You also have morning yoga and evening meditation you can join when not on duty.

Most important, the permanent staff is charming and very welcoming. Thank you richard, ed, debbi, karen, chris and ivan. Keep spreading good energies and healing people💕


9 dias atrás



This place is ideal for balancing work, rest, good food, meeting good people and enjoying the nature of Portugal.

I had a lovely time and was full of different experiences, the people and the food are very abundant and the work is fair with what you get.

I recommend this experience to people who want to have an experience outside the city and those who want to live in a quiet place.

The facilitators and the people who work there are very kind and unique to the volunteers.

I LOVED the experience there.

25 dias atrás



There is no other word to describe this experience than AMAZING! I had days of peace, connection with nature and animals, life in community with super kind and loving people and a deep connection with my inner being in this sacred place!

Working hours are well respected and activities vary, so we don't get bored of anything.

Just gratitude for these special days at this magical retreat with this super sweet staff! ♥️

29 dias atrás



I had a great experience volunteering at Moinhos Velhos! I ended up extending my time here as I was not ready to leave just yet. I connected with people from around the world, enhanced many different skills, and was able to connect with nature. It is truly a beautiful place, with a lot of abundance! I think it's good to know that it is a secluded valley and at times you can get some cabin fever it there is a lot of rain in the forecast. But overall, I have so much gratitude for this beautiful time and this place will always have a place in my heart. Thank you for this experience!!! :)

1 mês atrás

Estados Unidos


This was my first solo volunteer/travel experience, and I couldn’t have asked for a better time. All the facilitators are so kind and welcoming, I met other volunteers (and guests) from all over the world with amazing stories and experiences, and I had the opportunity to play tourist on my days off. The retreat itself is beautiful and totally immersed in nature. I hiked through the hills in my free time everyday, and never got sick of it. As for the volunteer work, The schedule came out at the beginning of the week, and everyone works together to make sure the place runs with lots of love!

2 meses atrás

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