Next Smile Kindergarten

Help disadvantaged children to learn and grow for the benefit of the community! This project offers the opportunity to experience tho culture and lifestyle of tanzania. The location is a new and relatively rural ward of a large city which facilitates access to both environments. We’re also located close enough to the Serengeti to visit at weekends if desired. Join our cooperative and together we can achieve more!

My name is Augustino and together with our local team we welcome volunteers into the project as equals, taking every opportunity to learn from and develop each other through the process. We try our hardest to be accommodating our visitors needs and preferences while sharing with them our culture and community. On arrival you’ll also be taught some basic Swahili too to help you get by in the local town and interact with the community, this will facilitate volunteer independence for those that are seeking it.


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We stayed with Augustino at the school, he is the kindest man around, very dedicated to his cause. The project of the school is fantastic and there's a lot of work to do! Thank you my friend!

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