Nitra Glycerin Hostel

Nitra Glycerin Hostel is a new hostel in the city of Nitra. We are the first hostel here so to make it working itìs our challenge! Nitra is a university city so it's full of students and young people!

We are volunteers as well when we are in travel so don't worry about this! So come here if you are easygoing and positive, full of ideas and energy to do them!

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The experience was enriching, in many ways. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the time I wanted for personal issues, but William, Bri and Agnieszka, the owners and the manager of the hostel, made me feel so comfortable and cherished during the days I stayed there, and I thank them so much for it! I hope to come back someday and contribute more in another opportunity! ❤️

10 meses atrás


Very nice place in which warm people create the best working and living atmosphere. Excellent cozy hostel. Clean and beautiful facilities, as well as a magnificent breakfast. I loved the decoration.

Simple tasks usually finished in 2 hours with a lot of free time to enjoy.

Nitra itself is a nice place as well, but small. Nevertheless, many things can be done. Moreover, it is near Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest!

To sum up, great place to have a quite and relaxed experience, away from the stress and sorrounded by kind people.

11 meses atrás


I had an amazing time at Nitra Glycerin Hostel. I was there for photography and video making and they were super welcoming. The staff and the other volunteers became a family to me, we had meals together, movie nights, walks around Nitra and of course, good drinks at the Irish Pub and in the hostel. The hostel is very organized and clean and they treat the volunteers very well. I would definitely go back.

11 meses atrás


No recomendaría este fui con pensamiento de estar varios meses y finalmente estuve cuatro días, literal... sigan buscando!

1 ano atrás


The hostel is well located and very cosy. The common area is great to talk with the guests. Mattya and the other volunteers were nice and it was good to spend some time together sharing a meal, a boardgame or a drink at the pub.

1 ano atrás

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