Nómada Eco-Hostel

Our hostel is a project created in 2009 to provide an alternative lodging in downtown Valparaiso, close to everything, in a quiet place, but with activities and views, cozy but spacious and above all with the best available to meet our guests. From this year, we are developing a project. We are doing Organic Recycling building furniture pallet, bag dispenser, ecobricks, among other things to make our contribution to environmental care.

We have a multicultural, eco-aware staff, and we are always looking for travellers who want to share their experiences with us and with our guests, also volunteers who like the culture, music and art. That's what we do here: support culture in our town.

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No tengo ninguna queja, mi experiencia en el nómada fue increíble, el resto de los voluntarios y los administradores te hacen sentir en casa desde el primer día, un super buen ambiente lleno de compañerismo y amistad, las tareas y horarios son buenos, el hostel lindo y muy buena ubicación también, no le cambiaría nada. Super recomendado 👌

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This is, by far, the best I've ever lived in my life. The city alone is unbelievable, but when put together with such an amazing group of people like the ones I met in Nomada, it's absolutely mind-blowing. Here I wrote a book, fell in love, learned to recicle and became altogether a better person. For as hard as I try, I won't be able to describe the feelings of belonging, of family, of consciousness that I felt here. This place is pure magic, and you will not regret it. Plus the bosses are super cool and the work is super doable. I'll never forget this place. Nomada will be always in my heart

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El Nómada me recibió tal como lo esperaba, con la famosa familia nomada, con sonrisas, con predisposición para enseñarme mucho más que las tareas que corresponden al voluntariado, también a disfrutar de Valparaíso desde los paseos en los cerros hasta las tardes y noches de terraza con compas y amigos nomadas. Me siento muy bien de formar parte de un equipo donde se valora a las personas, a los animales, el medio ambiente y la cultura. Esta fue mi primer experiencia en Worldpackers y solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento y los mejores recuerdos :)
Gracias a todos por la oportunidad!!!

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Nomada Eco Hostal is simply an amazing place. Everybody is kind and helpful with whatever you need, or any doubts you might have. The shifts are a little long, but we always have help and still lots of free time to know the city. For everybody looking for a chilean family, I totally recommend Nomada. Incredible people, incredible place.

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Future traveler, the only thing I have to say about the Nomada is that you are going to find a family, but not the type of family you have blood with and that you are stuck with them, the type of family that you choose and that no matter for how long you are there, you are going to find amazing loving people to share everything with, every thought, every road trip, every concern. I would chose to go to the Nomada again and 1000 times more. You will not regret it. Simply the best experience I've had. Do it. Don't think twice.

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