Nomada Urban Beach Hostel

All traveler, volunteer or staff member gets the opportunity to interact with people from all around the world at our hostel. Puerto Rico is rich in history, nature, infrastructure, music, art, and others. By staying at our location people will be able to define what is the real local lifestyle, expose to the Spanish language, cultural music, and dance, discover other places starting from the coast, and drive into the nature that makes PR Enchant Island.

Currently, there are three volunteers, two employees for the reception, and two for housekeeping. Volunteers can be expected to be treated like family as long as the rules are respected. Volunteers are given 50% off most of the items we have for sale. If you ever want to discover parts of Puerto Rico I can always be of help and if you have any questions. If you are trying to move to Puerto Rico as well I can be almost a mentor and assist you with how things work here. Also, anything above the 20-hour requirement you will be paid. **We have any 8 week requirement minimum**

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