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Ô de Casa is one of the most tradicional hostels in São Paulo, located a cozy house full of plants in the vibrant Vila Madalena neighborhood (search and search, no other area beats Vila Madalena). Most of our staff comes from Worldpackers, so you will be surrounded by other fellow volunteers sharing life, and a dorm. People here work 30 hours a week for accommodation, but we also have positions for those willing to work more and make some cash. Just mention that when u apply. Also, for every position you will get comissions. So, for top performances, count with some money on your pocket at the end of you stay. Again, for top performances. That means that we want you to come and live the experience at its best. It's not a formal job, it's quite easygoing and fun most of the times, but it demands responsability. We are also very strict with our calendar. If you are applying for a period, make sure you are staying the whole period and putting your heart and soul into it. Leaving earlier breaks our heart and well, we hate it. Also, we do prefer you to stay longer than a month. ;) We also love volunteers to promote activities with our guests. So if you are a good photographer, for example, we would be happy to help u promote a photography workshop. That's also valid for yoga classes, food preparation, dance lessons and any other thing that you can think of. Want to hear more good stuff ? - We have partnerships with lots of local bars. That means no paying to get into places. - We have huge discounts for you at our bar. And we are aware of this lady that cooks for us a R$7 meal. - We offer meals whenever you work a 8h period. - WE PAY YOU BACK THE WORLDPACKERS FEE IF YOU MADE IT ALL ALRIGHT. That's pretty good, right? So, if you bet the goals, promoted a good time here at the hostel, contributed to the vibe and made people's life better and easier during your time here, that is our gift for you. And that's a fee we love to pay when we have to :) TWO TIPS: We try to reply to every application, but sometimes we are just not able to. Here are the guidelines to get a place at Ô de Casa team: 1) 99,5% of the volunteers we pick are applying for a period here longer than a month. We prefer, and so will you at the end. 2) 98,97% of the volunteers working here applyed not before 15 days before their arrival. House vibes change very often, and we only know if you are the one that we want 15 days before you become one of us. OTHER IMPORTANT STUFF - We have two programs @ Ô de Casa: a SHORT one (when u apply for 4 weeks) and a LONG one (8 weeks - and you can run for 2 different positions if you like). So no, no 3, 6 or 9 weeks. Also, it always start on the 1st and 3rd monday every month. And it will necessaraly finish on a sunday. Of course you can come a few days early o staying a few days later, but then you are staying as a guest. - Get your camera ready, cause as soon as you apply we will ask for a 1 minute video for you to tell us why you wanna come and work with us. Convince us, babes! -- Guess that's it. If you think that's for you, welcome to our family! We are very glad to have you here.

At Ô de Casa you'll be surrounded by other Worldpacker volunteers, so you'll definitely make new friends! We're like one big family and I'm sure you'll feel like home! As a worldpacker, you'll learn a lot and improve your skills. In our hostel, volunteers have responsibilities and autonomy. Your activities will be clear , we will keep you busy, and you will have an amount of hours a week to work at the hostel. From my experience with former Worldpackers, I'm sure you'll grow a lot as person from this collaborative way of life. Check out this awesome video and feel a little bit of the good vibes we cultivate over here at Ô de Casa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VowgPkbQBSo

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Ô de casa es INCREIBLE!
La gente, el trabajo, la locación, la comida, la fiesta todo fue asombroso, la pase muy bien haciendo voluntariado, los voy a extrañar mucho!, prometo regresar pronto para seguir haciendo mas arte con ustedes y poder crecer mas !, un abrazo al #STAFFMAISLINDO.
Los quiero!

3 meses atrás


Minha experiência no Ô de Casa foi de muito aprendizado. Trabalhei no bar (algo que nunca tinha feito antes e totalmente novo), e além disso aprendi também muito sobre mim mesma. O trabalho não é levinho, mas tudo é ensinado com muito detalhe. Fiquei por pouco tempo e agradeço muito :)

A localização é uma das melhores, bem na Vila Madalena, um bairro lindo com muita vida.
😚 Beijos a todos!

3 meses atrás

Sylvia respondeu

saudades, lindona! <3


O Ô de Casa foi (e vem sendo haha, não tem como largar essa equipe maravilhosa <3) uma das melhores experiências que já tive. Foi minha primeira experiência como packer e não poderia estar em um lugar melhor antes de seguir para meu próximo destino ano que vem. A equipe é simplesmente ma-ra-vi-lho-sa, os horários são cumpridos corretamente, tudo é muito claro e transparente. O que era apenas um step virou uma família aqui em São Paulo formada pela staff magnifica e os hóspedes incríveis, com certeza um lugar que levarei no meu coração a vida inteira, muito obrigado por tudo <3

7 meses atrás


Ô de Casa is clearly the best Hostel in São Paulo, the enviroment is thought with love by the people responsable, it really feels like home. The Staff are my darlings now that I'll never abandone anymore, hahah.

The sandwuiches are unforgetable, the beerpong starts friendships (and end some too haha) and help to start the bonding between people you just met, and my favorite part the roof, oh man, that roof already have a lot of nice memories, being it daylight, raining or with a sky fool of stars (:.

Thank you so much to all these beautiful people <3 <3

1 ano atrás


My first worldpackers experience started at O de Casa hostel, and I've been welcomed by Sylvia and the rest of staff since day one.
At O de Casa hostel I've met with different people from all over the world, and discussed different ideas and heard interesting stories. The more you see people doing different things, and the more you hear about life in different cities, the more you feel the urge to explore and travel further, which I think is the best thing to do while young; it opens up your mind, gives you new perspectives, and teach you something everyday.

mais de 1 ano atrás

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