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One of ancient capital of Japan, a famous historic city named Kamakura is surrounded by full of nature, like beaches, hills, trails, old temples in the forest, various kind of birds, and so on.
Time flow slowly, people are basically down-to-earth and easy-going, foods are nice, there are so many small & cozy cafes and restaurants in town.
So you can stay here in peace, and all the atmosphere will relax you.

I'm so easy host, and all our staff members are very independent. So no one will take you care too much, but we always care about you. We want you to be yourself, you don't need to adjust to Japanese way.

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Although you only get the delicious meals from Kuni San and Ai San when you work, I enjoyed my time there. I met many lovely volunteers at the Gokurakuji House (40 min walk to Kamakura Station), staff from WanderKitchen and Bench and with a lot of freetime you can really get to know Kamakura, explore all the temples and nearby cities. The sunsets at the beach with Mount Fuji are amazing as well.
I wouldn't recommend this experience to travelers who are working remotely. At the hostels there is good WiFi, but not at the Gokurakuji House.

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This was my first Worldpackers experience and I'm so glad it was: Kuni and the staff were very welcoming and kind, leaving was sad.
The work is easy to learn, you can meet the local staff as well as many international volunteers and travellers. On top of that they provide food and on some days delicious meals.
Kamakura is a small quiet city but there's so much to see, it's perfect for nature lovers but really close to big cities as well !

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The job at the hostals is really easy, and allows you to meet fellow travelers and to have more than enough time to tour around Kamakura and other cities. The frequency of shifts in a week differs according to the number of volunteers at that moment. Kuni and Ai San prepare delicious meals (dinner and breakfast) for you everytime you have a shift, adapting them to your allergies or dietary restrictions. The volunteer's dorm was a house that's around 35 minutes on foot from WanderKitchen, on a hill, and it worked okay when the number of volunteers was around 8.

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I had a very good experience in Kamakura. I met incredible people and the work was not difficult at all. I only had to work maybe 3 times a week. But I have to say that the description is not up to date anymore. You only get food on the days you work (dinner and then breakfast the next day). There is a budget though of 3000¥ per day for groceries for all the volunteers together. We all live in a house that is 40 minutes away by foot and there we can cook. For some time though we were 12 people in the house which was a bit much for only one toilet and shower.
But beside that I loved it :)

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I had a good time, but I do not recommend this experience.
Since 12/2023 volunteers live in a house in Gokurakuji. Sparsely equipped, too many people (up to 12), power failures, terrible WiFi.
Host: hardly any points of contact, didn't respond well to problems.
"We're just offering all of you a free bed and free daily meals only. Don't expect any other things, 'cause you're a traveler, not our staff, not our guest."
Two tasty meals are available for those who work. For the others there is a budget for food, you cook at home.
Work: fun! However, cold in the guesthouse I was assigned to.

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