Onsen yado hamayunagi

We are new&welcoming hostel in Beppu hot spring city.
You can explore the area which is the second largest amount of hot spring water discharge in the world, and the largest amount in Japan. Please come and enjoy hot spring in Beppu with us.

We have both local staff and foreigner staff with long experience of hostel business and volunteers.So you can talk with us if you have issue about living in Japan or any issue is fine.

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We really enjoyed our stay! The job was easy, giving us lots of free time to explore Beppu and the surroundings. The manager is very friendly and welcoming.

7 dias atrás

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The job was very easy and left us with more than enough time to explore. The staff is also amazing and kind.

22 dias atrás

Masatoshi respondeu

Sorry.We already you told you before that the room would be in dorm room or private room.Also you stay during long holiday, so we do not have female room at that time.



I spent 2 weeks in Hamayu Nagi and it was my first work experience! It was soo good. The managers were amazing and helpful and I made amazing friendships with my coworkers. I miss my beppu family but i'm sure anyone would love them just as much.

1 mês atrás

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my experience here was amazing! I loved staying in beppu for a month and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The other workers are amazing as well and I made some great friendships. The work is easy and straightforward leaving you plenty of time to explore around.

2 meses atrás



Una bonita experiencia para relajarte en Beppu. El trabajo es fácil y se hace muy rápido, además de tener muchos días libres y un cuarto propio. Son muy flexibles con esos días, así que puedes acumularlos para hacer un viaje largo por la isla. Aunque sin duda lo mejor es poder disfrutar de los onsen que hay por todo el pueblo además del que hay en la casa y que puedes usar gratis. He pasado tres semanas muy relajantes. 🥰

3 meses atrás

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