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Oportocean Hostel gives ours guests the opportunity not only to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the nothern shore but also to discover the beautiful city of Porto as well as its culture and traditions. Located at only 800 metres from the beach and close to the City Park and the Hospital Pedro Hispano's metro station, it allows our guests to enroll in a varied range of activieties as surfing, walking and cicling.

Our Hostel has currently 3 staff members. One being the owner, another one working at the recception and one corean guests who works with us part-time. The Hostel has a very friendly and welcoming vibe and it feels almost like home due to its relaxed ambient. Ours guests can expect to be treated with much respect and be received with a warmth welcoming. The Oportocean Family is growing day after day we hope it continues growing. So far it has been an amazing journy getting to know people from all over the world and we hope to meet many more.


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João, os funcionários e a equipe de voluntários são todos ótimos. porém, a estrutura do local é muito precária.
o quarto dos voluntários é um puxadinho, o banheiro não tem sabão para lavar as mãos, muito menos papel para secar, o vaso não tem acento e não tem janela.
apesar do empenho por parte da equipe de limpeza a cozinha era repugnante, sempre com janelas fechadas que deixavam um cheiro ruim no local.
além disso não é um hostel com proposta surfista como a vaga nos leva a entender.

1 mês atrás



Não tenho palavras para descrever a experiência que foi voluntariar no Oporto ! Simplesmente amei, os funcionários são adoráveis oque torna o ambiente confortável e respeitoso, além de muito acolhedor…(a dona Nazaré, se tornou uma grande amiga), os próximos voluntários terão a sorte de conhecer a figura. E assim como eu, colecionar boas memórias.
Claro, sempre colaborando e respeitando o ambiente, as tarefas e regras de limpeza, para que todos habitem da melhor maneira juntos.

4 meses atrás



The work task where chill and easy. The place felt like home, and was really safe. The social environment depends on how many voluntaries that are starting at the moment you are there. All the stuff wore super nice! The location of the hostel is a bit outside of the city. However, it is about 3 minutes away from the metro stop. We had a really nice time here!

8 meses atrás



The volunteers have to iron the bedsheets and do the beds of the hostel rooms. It’s not a difficult task at all! Usually you will not be on your own during the ironing so you can have conversations during this time and you are also allowed to listen to music or something like that. The other stuff is really really friendly and so is the owner of the hostel as well. You get in touch with a lot of travelers. The park is a 15 min walks, the ocean is a bit father away, but still ok to walk. Also the metro is really near by. All in all I really enjoyed my stay there and would do it again. ☺️

8 meses atrás



I could not complete my stay due to a family problem but I stayed 10 days. Easy and quiet work. We were in the laundry area in the garage. We had to iron sheets, towels and pillowcases from 9:00 to 1:30 and sometimes the last half hour we had to make beds. The hostel was quiet.
There was not much atmosphere due to the covid, so sometimes you got bored, it was very quiet but with a comfortable and tidy atmosphere.

9 meses atrás

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