Os Family Homestay and Home Cooking

We are looking for helpers who has skills or experience in: 1. Carpentry 2. Electrical wiring 3. Sewing and upholstery 4. House repairs 5. Floor tiling For home improvement, we need volunteers who have any of the skills mentioned above. Helpers who are qualified can apply and we will provide accommodation and food if they can do a work. Good news for everybody: WE ARE GIVING 2 NIGHT FREE ACCOMMODATION for guests who love good food and they are willing to attend our HOME COOKING CLASS PROGRAM. Important to note: Cooking classes and home dining programs are not free.

For travelers who can take part of home cooking programs: We provide amazing home cooking classes and home dining programs from two great cuisines. Anyone from Worldpackers will be given free accommodation if they can attend any of home cooking but the programs are not free. My wife Hawa, a highly skilled cook, warmly welcome guests into a crystal clean kitchen and comfortable dining hall. With her great passion for cooking GOOD food, Hawa will be giving instructions and teaching guests how to cook 6 unique dishes in demo and semi- hands on style workshop. Details are: 1) Assam Pedas Ikan: Popular fish dish cooked in specially home-made red chili, The fish is Spanish Makarel and way of cooking is Malay traditional that taste superb. 2) Arab Kabsah: A rice dish origin from West Asia, favored by Malays, and cooked with chicken bones, fresh tomatoes and dry spices. 3) Chicken Rendang: Is a national dish in Malaysia and also found popular in Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. Usually cooked for special occasions, though Malays love to eat it for any day. It is a Chicken Stew cooked in rich sauce from fresh coconut milk and spices. 4) Traditional Malay Dessert known as Pengat Ubi Keledek dan Pisang, from sweet potatoes, bananas, and some palm sugar. 5) Arab Sambosa, it is a fried dish with savoury filling such as spiced potatoes, fresh ground meat, onions and fresh coriander leaves. The secret what makes our Sambosa special, is we make the skin from fresh dough at workshop. 6) Pineapple and Cucumber Salad, we choose honey type pineapple and good cucumber.

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