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Gujarat is a developing state of India, which is reflected world wide through news letters . Although A huge population sleeps with empty stomach in developing countries, like India. Being financially backward, and so unable to meet basic needs such as food, cloth, and shelter. Besides, people with physical disability face challenges from dominant classes. With dependency, comes inferiority.

The helplessness of such needful people can be reduced by only and only education. However, education isn’t affordable to such needy people. Such harsh living of the penniless inspired us to establish PECT, a non-profit, non-government organization to provide “The Medicine of Help” to the needy.

PECT believes that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen. We encourage and invite volunteers to be an active part of our organization and share the same vision and aim as us – to work for the welfare of needy people. Volunteers are the backbone of every organization – they not only carry the organization’s ideals within them, but also spread the message far and beyond,

Our Organization seek to offer volunteers from around the globe the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the lives of the most vulnerable children, Youth, Women and people with disabilities. Opportunities are provided for volunteers to spend time from volunteer work and services in the areas listed below:

 For a period of 1-3 months, anyone can apply for Volunteering work that entails the following areas:

(1) Vedant Ashraya – Campaign for Migrating Children Education.
Communicate with Migrating Family of Tribal Area – Counseling – Visit of Ashram Shala – Teaching - Research - etc.
We take volunteers to local primary schools to teach the rural children some basic English, other language and any other subjects which they can use. We also need volunteers who can do wall paintings, graffiti, photography etc...

(2) Education
Teach the Tribal from remote villages and localities - Conducts several seminars and literacy sessions – Research - etc.

(3) Women Empowerment
Educating Girl - Women’s Voice - Ending Gender-based Violence – Education - Earning An Income – Research – etc..

(4) Health
Organize various seminars related to the preservation of healthiness, Yoga awareness, Meditation, Pranayama and Rehabilitation.

(5) Others
Fund Raising – Marketing - Content Writing - Report Writing - Graphic Design
Web Developing - Digital Story Development - Field Work - Event Organizing

 People selected will be provided with their schedule and task and what would be their work,
 If in abroad, you can also help us from there by spreading a word about PECT, crowd funding for our programs.
 Accept guidance from the Volunteer Coordinator or supervisor;
 Should participate in the other programme.
 If any skill or special training you want to provide to the students during your volunteering work period, do let us know prior to your joining date.
 Be willing to learn and participate in orientation, training programs, and meetings;

 This is just the same volunteer work as any other NGO filed, will appreciate your sincerity and seriousness towards it. We expect you to be responsible and hardworking volunteer.

For accommodation, we provide a cottage accommodating up to four volunteers. Ensuite bathroom, fans and views of the mountains included! OR Accommodation will be provided to volunteers at their place of their placement. They will be staying with host family in the communities, most of them have experience with volunteers and will give you all the necessary advice and support they need to feel comfortable at home. One of the best things about volunteering at PECT is that there are no administrative costs. PECT is dedicated to putting all money possible toward supporting underprivileged and needy people. To that end, we charge minimal fees which cover volunteers' food and accommodation. We give you advice on how to get to PECT - Gujarat - India and book transport depending on how you are travelling. When you arrive at PECT we show you around, introduce you to the staff, get you settled into your accommodation. Before working with the students we spend time with you explaining what to do, how to do it, ask what you would like to do and how we can achieve this. We are always available to help or give tips or advice. We organize local tours with our staff such as village walks, jungle treks and other visits. These incur a small charge. Other tours can be arranged at your request. You will be included in any social activities, such as weddings and dinners. Don't worry if you are the only volunteer at the time, you will soon become part of the family and included in all activities! PECT provides free-time activities for our volunteers as follows: - Trips to different tourist attractions / Safaris -Drawing and painting with children. - Social activities like cleanliness to our schools, visiting people living HIV/AIDS and elders. - Gym. - Riding. - Swimming. - Cooking. Our volunteers will learn how to cook different type of Indian food during their free time. - Sports.


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PECT NGO es una organización que trabaja en muchas localidades. En cada una tiene planeada un sitio donde alojar voluntarios y las tareas que este puede realizar. Son nuevos en la plataforma y es difícil que las personas vean a India como un sitio para voluntarear pero realmente hay mucho por hacer y ellos ya están trabajando en eso, ahora queda que los voluntarios se unan y aporten desde un lugar distinto. Las opciones son muchas, es importante que tengan una comunicación clara asi no hay malentendidos, pero cualquiera sea la opción, seguro va a ser una experiencia increíble.

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