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Working with us, you have options to volunteer in many different academic and non-academic areas. Usually, volunteers take part in one of the activities listed below. A combination of the activities is also possible – we can arrange your own personal timetable. The volunteer´s help is required from Monday to Friday, starting at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning and lasts for about 3-4 hours: -Teaching (being a teacher`s Assistant at local schools. Subjects: Sports, English, Mathematics etc.) -Zoo Assistant (supporting the local staff with feeding the animals, giving them medical assistance, cleaning their cages, rescuing them from mistreat and giving them a proper shelter) -Organizing workshops in the morning and/or afternoon. (this can be art, sports, cooking, yoga, dance, etc.) -Helping in a museum in Huari (Manager-assistant; helping with promoting, administration, touristic information, museum-guide, archeological research) -Eco-Farming in Matahuasi (helping with planting trees, understanding the Andean relationship to the earth and the environment, sustainable planting and maintaining of the biological cycle) -Horse-Training in Mantaro-Valley (training Peruvian horses, administration of the stables, feeding, cleaning and veterinarian treatment of the horses) -Health care assistant in local hospitals and health centers we work with (only for volunteers with medical studies). In addition to the listed activities, there is an after school program in the afternoon every weekday in which volunteers can take part as well. Normally, volunteers help pupils with their homework (English, Spanish, Mathematics etc.) for about three hours from 15:00-18:00. The children are from 3 to 16 years old. Moreover, there are a number of other activities that volunteers can become involved in: such as music, sports, arts, academic activities, dance and other community projects. If you have experience and would like to run, or be involved in additional activities during your time working with the project, we would love to incorporate them into your timetable. Requirements Our organisation is funded by volunteers and their own economic activities. We do not depend on international, national, or public funding.We ask for a additional monetary contribution to the worldpacker reservation fee for your expenses such as Wi-Fi, electricity, laundry, food , breakfast and luch from monday to friday and gas of 650 soles or 200 usd per week in a shared bedroom. ( private bedroooms are avilable as well for couples ) -University students or professionals -Fluent or intermediate Spanish skills for academic programs (basic Spanish necessary for dance, art, handcraft, outdoors activities and sports) -You need to be able to work at least 3-4 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. -Minimum monetary contribution is for 2 weeks. -Valid health insurance -Charismatic and outgoing personality Free-Time Activities We are surrounded by many tourist attractions such as: -La Selva Central, home to many Ashaninka tribes -Santa Rosa de Ocopa, the oldest monastery in the region (also featuring the largest library, with 25.000 ancient books) -The first Peruvian capital "Jauja" -The largest water reserve in Peru, "Reserva Paisajistica Nor Yauyos" -Huaytapallana Glacier ( 5.200 m.a.s.l.) -Numerous pre-Inca ruins During your stay you can also share your free time in several activities in our local institutions enjoying an intercultural experience where you can share and realize your own dreams, practice your career or learn new things like the ones listed below. Activities (certified courses available): -Language classes (Spanish and Quechua) -Peruvian Music -Andean Philosophy -Knitting -Jewelry -Ceramics -Painting -Others (please inquire if you have a specific interest) Please note, that the listed free time activities cost additionally.

We are a Peruvian organization whose goal is to give a good level of education to those children who live in the poorest areas of this part of the world. We are based in the city of Huancayo (7 hours by bus from Lima), located in the Mantaro Valley in the Peruvian Central Andes. Mantaro Valley is the widest valley in Peru and its main economical activity is agriculture. Huancayo itself and its surroundings offer a wide range of possible free time activities. Typical markets, traditional music concerts, as well as tasty restaurants and shopping malls with cinemas are located in the city. The surroundings offer great hikes, lakes, pre-Inca ruins and other typical villages with their own traditions. Our family house/volunteer lodging is five minutes away from the City Centre. Accommodation as well as breakfast and lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday are provided in our family home which is located near banks, supermarkets, markets, and touristic attractions. We are situated near many bus routes, and it takes you only 5 minutes by bus to get to the City Center. We will provide: bedroom with lining, bathroom, hot water, Wi-Fi, laundry, touristic advice, access to a private kitchen, living room, dining room and a safe place for your bike, motorcycle or car. We expect volunteers to be responsible for the cleanliness of their room and to help with household and classroom duties during their stay. If you´ve got more questions, don´t hesitate and ask :) We are looking forward to meeting Volunteers from all over the world!

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Peru Peru Volunteering offers a variaty of Projects, that allow the volunteers to use many of their habilities and get to know different and awesome people. The hosts Vero and her family are incredible, super receptive and careful with us, volunteers. I felt at home in some way. There, I’ve worked with children in a kinder garden and at the Ministerio de Cultura de Peru Dirección Desconcentrada Junín. In both experiences, I could learn a lot, teach a little bit of my knowledges, practice my Spanish and, most of all, get in contact with amazing professionals and with that marvelous culture.

23 dias atrás


My experience was wonderful!! Veronica and her family are very like to live in a family. The work time was very funny because
I was very free to know peru peru volunteering

3 meses atrás


Foi tudo uma perfeição ! Tive uma experiência incrível em todos os dias do meu voluntariado, agregou muito em minha vida fazer parte deste projeto. Agradeço a todos os colaboradores e funcionários do Zoo de Huancayo por cada informação e carinho prestado ! com relação a anfitriã e sua família, são pessoas excelentes !!! São todos muito tranquilos e atenciosos , não tenho que reclamar de nada ! Agradeço demaais a oportunidade e pretendo retornar em outra oportunidade ... Muuuchas Graciaaaaaas ...Hasta Luego !!!

5 meses atrás


One of the best experiences of my life. Not only did i get to help the community but even feel at home as part of a family. Definitely worth it :) i miss it so much! And i loved sharing my passion with the students! Chiara from Malta

5 meses atrás


A atenção, carinho, a presença contínua da Vero só vivendo para ver e crer. Toda a família participa e acolhe como se fizéssemos parte. O trabalho com as crianças da escola pública foi gratificante e senti que estava ajudando. Experiência única para conviver com uma família genuinamente peruana.

10 meses atrás

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