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As a volunteer in our non profit and social care organization Peru Peru Volunteering, you become an active member of the peaceful global change making a positive impact in our society , consolidating an universal brotherhood, our solidarity team is focused on collaborating with our human civilization and its population developing ecological campaigns, educating children living in vulnerable situation, rescuing endagered animals, giving elderly people food, attention, medical care, houses, etc while practicing your career, developing your Spanish skills or academic studies volunteering at universities , schools, hospitals, charities, Amazon native communities, animal rescue centers, etc.
with your economic and personal contribution you are giving to andean children and families the opportunity to improve their life standards getting higher educational levels thus experiencing a dignified life,

learn about:

The Peruvian or mexican culture,
Spanish and/or Quechua
Enjoy Peruvian gastronomy and the beauty of our natural landscapes!
Huancayo rests in an wonderful valley surrounded by the Andes Mountain Range, so there is plenty to see and explore in this scenic region.
Arequipa is one of the most wonderful cities around the world.
And Puerto Vallarta is one of the most amazing beach landscapes around the world.

Volunteers usually take part in one of the activities listed below. A combination of the activities is also possible – we can arrange based on your own personal timetable. The volunteer is required to help from Monday to Friday, starting at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning and lasts for about 3-4 hours.

If you would like to inquire about a certain activity, please message us and we will let you know how to accommodate your interests for your trip.

Our whatsapp is +52 3222206874

The Peru Peru Volunteering social activities include:

1.-Teaching: being a teacher’s assistant at educational projects or local schools. Subjects: Sports, English, Mathematics, Music, Arts, etc. The children's age ranges from 3-16 years old.

2.- Animal care , volunteers will work with the staff by rescuing and feeding animals, giving them medical assistance, cleaning their cages, rescuing them from mistreatment, and giving them proper shelter.

3.-Sport trainer: helping professional coaches at local clubs, social care organisations, schools, teaching children , teenagers or young adults in the morning and/or afternoon: this can be basketball, tennis, swimming, riding horses, voleyball, or any other sport.

4.-Writing content like a Manager-Assistant and help with promotions, administration, touristic information,

5.-Health care assistant in local hospitals and health centers we partner with: only for volunteers with medical studies.

6.- Mental care assistance inside health centers, regional hospitals, or inside small villages centers.
7.-Social Eco-Farming in Matahuasi: helping with planting trees, understanding the relationship to the Earth and the environment, sustainable planting, and maintaining of the biological cycle.

8.- Music Teacher inside a govermental public orchestra for children.

9. Chef: learning how to cook traditional Peruvian and mexican dishes alongside the best chefs .

10. After school program every weekday in which volunteers can take part in. Normally volunteers help pupils with their homework (English, Spanish, Mathematics etc.) for about three hours from 15:00-18:00. The children are 3 to 16 years old.

Moreover, there are a number of other activities that volunteers can become involved in such as music, sports, arts, academic activities, dance and other community projects. If you have experience and would like to take charge in one of these activities, or be involved in additional activities during your time working with the project, we would love to incorporate them into your timetable!

Our NGO organisation is funded by volunteers and their own economic activities. We do not depend on international, national, or public funding. We ask for a additional monetary contribution to the worldpacker membership fee donation to collaborate with children and families living in vulnerable situation , with our organisation at the social and solidarity labour and to cover part of your expenses such as Wi-Fi, electricity, breakfast and lunch from Monday to Friday. We can also assist you with acquiring a Peruvian simcard for your stay.
Fee for programs in Peru
The expenses are $ 600 USD per week in an independant private bedroom with private bathroom garden view, breakfasts, lunch from monday to friday, the use of the common areas of the house as kitchen, living room, dinning room, terrace,
Or 400 usd in a shared bedroom with a shared bathroom.
The Spanish classes are additional and optional : 150 usd per 10 hours pack of Practical activities.

We are looking for volunteers that are:
-University students or professionals
-Fluent or intermediate Spanish skills for academic programs (no Spanish necessary for dance, art, handcraft, outdoors activities and sports)

Volunteers must:
-Be able to help , learn and share at least 3-hours a day, from Monday to Friday
-Have a travel valid health insurance
-Be charismatic and have an outgoing personality

Free-Time Activities in Huancayo Peru

We are surrounded by many tourist attractions such as:

-La Selva Central, home to many Ashaninka tribes
-Santa Rosa de Ocopa, the oldest monastery in the region (also featuring the largest library, with 25,000 ancient books)
-The first Peruvian capital "Jauja"
-The largest water reserve in Peru, "Reserva Paisajistica Nor Yauyos"
-Huaytapallana Glacier ( 5.200 m.a.s.l.)
-Numerous Pre-Incan ruins

During your stay, you can spend your free time by studying several activities through our local institutions. It is an intercultural experience where you can share and realize your own dreams, practice your career, or learn new things like the ones listed below.

Activities (certified courses available):
-Language classes (Spanish)
-Peruvian Music

Please note that the listed free time activities may cost .
The daily transport is not included . It will be around 2 usd for a private taxi or 1 usd for each way.
If you want to enter Peru, you just need a latinoamerican , american, or european passport. Visa as a tourist is automatic in these cases.
Peru Peru Volunteering will give you a certification at the end of your activities at your program.
Peru Perú Volunteering can help you book your touristic trips to machupicchu, arequipa, nazca lines,
, cusco, iquitos, holistic centers and wherever else you wish to travel to after your stay with Peru Peru Volunteering.

We are a non profit organization whose goal is to give a good level of education to those children who live in the poorest areas of this part of the world.your contribution is a donation that helps to continue our labour colaborating with people in need. children living in vulnerable situation, nature, etc We are based in Peru Huancayo, arequipa, satipo and Puerto Vallarta Mexico Puerto Vallarta airport is located 25 min. far from our volunteers house. Our family house/volunteer lodging in Huancayo is five minutes away from the City Centre. In Arequipa we're located in Characato. A small town 30 min. Far from downtown . In Huancayo Accommodation as well as breakfast or lunch from Monday to Friday are provided in our home which is located near banks, supermarkets, markets, and touristic attractions. We are situated near many bus routes, and it takes you only 5 minutes by bus to get to the City Center. We will provide: bedroom with lining, bathroom, hot water, Wi-Fi, laundry, touristic advice, access to a private kitchen, living room, dining room and a safe place for your bike, motorcycle or car. in Huancayo Peru : Huancayo from Lima by plane.(35 min) Huancayo Is located in the Mantaro Valley in the Peruvian Central Andes. Mantaro Valley is the widest valley in Peru and its main economical activity is agriculture. Huancayo itself and its surroundings offer a wide range of possible free time activities. Typical markets, traditional music concerts, as well as tasty restaurants and shopping malls with cinemas are located in the city. The surroundings offer great hikes, lakes, pre-Inca ruins and other typical villages with their own traditions. Our family house/volunteer lodging in Huancayo is five minutes away from the City Centre. Accommodation as well as breakfast Monday to friday are provided in our family home which is located near banks, supermarkets, markets, and touristic attractions. We are situated near many bus routes, and it takes you only 5 minutes by bus to get to the City Center. We will provide: bedroom with lining, bathroom, hot water, Wi-Fi, laundry, touristic advice, access to a private kitchen, living room, dining room and a safe place for your bike, motorcycle or car. We expect volunteers to be responsible for the cleanliness of their room and to help with household and classroom duties during their stay. If you´ve got more questions, don´t hesitate and ask :) whatsapp +523222206874 We are looking forward to meeting Volunteers from all over the world!

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What a beautiful experience! The host family was always available and incredibly hospitable. Huancayo is a small city, which means it’s safer and cheaper, but that also means there’s not a ton to do. However, the program organizer kindly gave us some opportunities to immerse ourselves in the local culture. School was a lot of fun. You do teach in class, but you also get plenty of opportunities to meet other kids and staff during your breaks. Overall, everyone I met in Huancayo was friendly, and I had an incredible time.

21 dias atrás

Veronica respondeu

Thanks for your presence at home dear Jay, you are an amzing girl.
thanks for everything and all your love and help at the school.
You have a heart full of love, you are welcome to your house in peru and Puerto Vallarta. Family forever!



Mi experiencia fue hermosa! Fue mi primer voluntariado y soy una persona con muchos miedos pero me hicieron sentir acogida, segura y bien recibida. El ambiente de la casa es muy tranquilo y familiar, todos están prestos ayudarte en lo que necesiten.
El punto a mejorar es en el zoológico porque realmente en el tiempo que estuve la interacción con los animales fue mínima , creo que en el zoológico están pasando por unas reestructuraciones y están bastante ocupados

2 meses atrás

Veronica respondeu

Querida Annie! Tu presencia iluminó nuestro hogar! Con tu amabilidad, fortaleza,, gran espíritu de solidaridad, bondad por los animales y tu gran corazón encantas y nos das esperanza de un mundo donde reina la paz, el amor, la evolución y el gozo. Te agradecemos infinitamente tu labor, Eres una mujer extraordinaria! Estas siempre en nuestro corazón, ya tienes una familia peruana q te esperara siempre con los brazos abiertos.



Minha experiência em Huancayo foi maravilhosa. Rosa, Carlos, Gaby, Carolina, Verônica no suporte online, os pequenos, os animais, todos muito acolhedores desde a minha chegada até o último minuto, na madrugada quando saí. Saio feliz por ter vivido todos esses momentos na região do Valle del Mantaro, que é linda! ;)

4 meses atrás

Veronica respondeu

Muchísimas gracias por todo tu cariño, tu apoyo en estos días, eres una chica extraordinaria. Somos familia 💜

Estados Unidos


Gaby, Caro, Rosa, Carlos, and Vero were so helpful and kind! They gave me tours and info about the city, amazing meals, and Spanish lessons. I taught English/music at 2 schools, a small elementary and a large high school. With the kids, i sang songs like “head shoulders knees and toes” with guitar, and sang Beatles songs with the teens! For Mother’s Day, there are HUGE city-wide + school festivities! I watched the high schoolers perform traditional Andean dances with elaborate costumes and masks! I also made many friends in just two weeks, because everyone is so nice! Thanks again+miss u all!

4 meses atrás

Veronica respondeu

Thanks a lot for all your help, all the sharing moments! We are family! 💜

Estados Unidos


This was my first time traveling outside of the U.S. and I immediately felt welcomed by Su & Vero as they hugged me when I arrived at the airport and offered to carry some of my items. Since my stay was short, they wanted me to have a fulfilling experience not just with volunteering but with exploring the city to learn more about the culture and people, so they recommended different things for me to try. All in all, I am super grateful for my experience and all the people I have met especially the children, volunteers (Rosario & Lisa), CiCi, Carmen, Su & Vero💜 Thank you all for having me 🫶🏾

7 meses atrás

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