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We want to welcome people in our organization from anywhere in the worlds expect INDIA - for long or short periods of time ( Minimum 2 weeks to maximum 10 weeks) . It is possible for people to do volunteering work as well as relaxing in our visitor room/ volunteer room. Can eat with simple Nepali family who stay at the top of the house. This family hire apartment Volunteer room in the same house where also organization office available. . we provide accommodation as well as one meal . Yes, volunteer can take three meals with the family but we request small donation to survive life of poor , helpless and orphan children ,If volunteer want to eat outside he/she must manage him/herself. It is very helpful to make a donation from heart if he/she is happy.
POSSIBLE NEPAL is aided by the help of Nepali and international people. The volunteers use their specific skills to help in, and in the shelter as careers for the children. Some of our volunteers also assist us by purchasing pencils, pens, textbooks, clothes and foods for children as well as orphanage need some support to operate it as like electricity /water internet bills and staff salary food to pay school fee of orphan children , as well as organization special events such as birthday parties.
POSSIBLE NEPAL respect all of our volunteer and interested person. volunteers can teach in the school. Work in social media is other responsibility of volunteer if they are free and interested to work.
Normally volunteer manage 8 USD per day which will directly go for betterment of children.

Accommodation Volunteers/visitors/people are needed throughout the year, for short or long periods of stay. Currently the shelter has a volunteer room, which can accommodate two people. If there are more than two volunteers at the time of your stay we can arrange for you to stay in a Nepali family’s house or in a hostel. As a volunteer you are provided with a big Nepali breakfast and dinner (Dhal Bhat - rice, dhal and a vegetable curry), and a small snack for lunch. Free internet 24 hours and 24 hours hot and cold water in bathroom are availing in accommodation. Possible Nepal provide free accommodation and one meal with children in orphanage, however a small contribution is required to run this orphanage as we have no any regular support. Thank you very much.


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Really enjoyed my time here! The experience was different to the posting as I was helping at a school during the day so something to be aware of but i was totally happy with that. I enjoyed my time at the school (i was with nursey class) and the teachers were very welcoming. The family who run this amazing project were also very welcoming and offered trekking and tourism advise also.

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its a nice experience working in possible nepal.. but school was closed few days, but kapil works continuously in his project.. i went to meet few kids in their schools and home, i met them and i did a video for social media about the project taking care of possible nepal..

quase 2 anos atrás

Kapil respondeu

Thank you very much for your help.



Mr. Kapil and his family is very accommodating. They provided good food and a cozy place. In regards to the activity, nothing much happened because he was studying for his mater's exam. However, he was managed to dropped us at Shree Phutung Secondary School where you can teach English. It was a good experience and this organization needed volunteers to help specially with their water project and scholarship for kids who wants to pursue their dreams.

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My time with Possible Nepal was enjoyable. The volunteer room is cozy and has fast Wi-Fi. I went to the Phutung School to teach students English. The orphanage was not active. Therefore not much to do overall. However, I spent much time in the village and in Kathmandu itself. An excellent choice to volunteer if there are lots of children around.

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I love Possible Nepal and i would like to come back soon! Kapil, its great guy that cares of all them and i admire the way how he does this with so much love. The kids seems very distant at the beginning but once you begin to work and talk with them they are really funny and very Smart!

Kids are the seeds of the future so lets help them in all the ways that we can! Waheguruuu

2 anos atrás

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