Poundak Hostel Venue

The Poündak is a tiny Hostel and a Big Art center in old Jerusalem. Built inside an abandoned bank, the Poündak is everyone’s gateway to Jerusalem’s chaotic secrets. Colors, Music, People, Food, Dance, Arts, Politics [and Sleep]. We aim to bring people together - Tourists and Locals. East and West. Punk rock and Cabaret. So we created a middle ground, in the middle of the world! We believe in the therapeutic powers of creativity, and want to invite the whole world to participate [and party] Everyone is invited (except of those who don’t agree that everyone is invited. They are not invited)

We are very well located in the heart of the artistic cultural scene, both physically and personally so staying with us will give you a glimpse to the stuff you don't hear about in the news. the actual living breathing creative Jerusalem We are looking for free-thinkers that love both hostels and parties, and want to get to know the most beautiful, complex city in the world! We're a unique combination hostel-bar-venue, with deep deep roots in the local art/culture scene, and we need folks that will keep our space interesting and dynamic. The work itself is pretty standard for a hostel - reception, food purchasing and prep, light housekeeping, barbacking, etc. But more importantly, we want *your* unique contributions to our space! Know how to paint? We have walls literally waiting for your art. Know how to dance? Teach a class once a week! Are you a DJ? Please contact us immediately!

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