Quinta Regadinha

We are a young couple with some experience on self-sufficient-living that in 2015 got a piece of land in the highest mountains inside the biggest natural park of our country. We need help on creating a Natural Farm to support our small eco-community! Rita (32) is a health-food enthusiast and loves to work with different kinds of art-craft. She likes to explore with Medicinal plants, Fermented food, ways of preserving food and appreciates doing basketry, wool-work and book-binding. Also likes to produce cleaning and hygiene products like natural detergents, soaps and salves. Walking in the nature, singing with friends and doing yoga (now having classes with a new neighbor) are some of the other things she enjoys. Gonçalo (36) is a nature lover with a passion for Permaculture and Natural Farming. Studied Organic Agronomy and has been practicing it for some years now, also guiding internships and volunteers. He is interested in traditional building technics and now learning Tai-chi whit a new neighbor. Enjoys singing, playing didgeridoo and to make music with his friends. In our first 3 years in this land, we built two yurts for living (with the help of two new neighbors) , a dome for greenhouse (toilet and nursery), recovered a ruin (with the help of one local neighbor) for storage and workshop, built a stable for the farm animals with our own chestnut roundwood. Made also a vegetable garden with huegel beds and already have the help of a horse,goats, sheep and chickens to regenerate pasture where we plant trees and shrubs in order to convert it to an poly-crop system. Unfortunately in 2017 a massive fire went over this beautiful valley but in the same year we were blessed with our first home-birth daughter Dana. With us lives also a young female dog, Romã, and Mimi, the sweet cat, with her 2 sons, Benjamin and Simba. We share this land with an other couple with whom we collaborate to improve this place in order to share it with you! In north Portugal we have strong culture of family agriculture that is still practiced by beautiful old people and some young new amazing neighbors. You will meet some of those and can get to visit them to chill-out or help on farming maintenance in exchange for services, products or money and learn some knowledge or skills with joy! We are at north-central Portugal, in a mountain with two glacial valleys, a lot of water on lakes, rivers and streams, that you can follow to find abandoned farming and shepherd houses surrounded by wilderness. There's tow villages close to us: Linhares da Beira (+/- 5km), an historical place with a military castle, a local association, a craft-shop, a cosy bar, a gourmet restaurant and two hotels ; Figueiró da Serra (+/- 2km), with more vivacity has tow local associations, a grocery-shop, tow bars and a hotel with restaurant. We have a 2 seat car that we use often to bring needs from outside but there's also a bus passing in Figueiró da Serra every day at 9am that goes to the closest town (Gouveia +/- 20km) and comes back at 5pm.

This year we will need help maintaining the vegetable garden; implementing the food forests; building simple structures with roundwood and recicled materials; harvesting wild herbs and fruits and processing them; farming maintenance ( moving and cutting fire-wood; moving electric fences and farm animal summer shades). You will have a camping area with solar shower, dry-toilet and a small caravan, with gas stove and frig (we accept a donation for the gas), that you can use for cooking. We provide food if you help us for 6 hours/day, if you only want to help for 3 hours/day you buy your own food outside or from us (vegetables and eggs). There's also a natural pool in the stream and according to the season, mushrooms, edible and aromatic plants, berries, acorns and chestnuts.

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Increíble! No ha podido ser mejor. Una semana en la que he descubierto muchas cosas, me he acercado a un tipo de vida diferente. Gonçalo y Rita son unos anfitriones excelentes, atentos y cercanos, dispuestos a responder tus dudas. MUCHAS GRACIAS!

3 meses atrás


Muy buena gente Gonzolo rita y su hija dana son un encanto y muy buena experiencia

4 meses atrás


An absolutely amazing experience. I really enjoyed helping around the farm and helping Gonzalo. My first experience with world packers aswell.
Goncalo is a great host, and open for suggestions that you may have
The 3 hours a day, is no biggie. You'll have all the time to enjoy the outside area, tanning, or whatever you want.
Thanks again Goncalo! I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
Cheers Michael

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mais de 1 ano atrás


Extraordinary experience, not enough words to describe it! Only know if you try it. So many things that I learned, so much love around me all the time... Thank you Gonçalo and Rita

mais de 1 ano atrás

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