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Hello, my name is Alexi, and with my wife Madeleine, father George, mother-in-law Louisa and our two young sons we run a glamping resort on the island of Kos. To start we would like to express that not only is this our business and income, it is also our community, passion and home where we believe you will have an unforgettable experience. We aim to provide an inclusive community for people to enjoy our site, the island and the culture of Greece. We absolutely love having volunteers and staff from all around the world work and live alongside us to help run our eco village resort, contribute to guests having an amazing experience, and to maintain and love our property and business in a way that nourishes everyone involved. As a volunteer we welcome you into our home as a personal guest, and many of our volunteers return on following years. We have volunteers from all over the world come to stay with us and in the height of the season you might be living alongside 20 other people at any time, so we have a real community spirit.

We have a mixed team of staff, from the village we live in to all around the world, Yemen, UK to Canada and Australia. We try to bring our staff into our family and work as a large family team

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Diego: It was a really nice experience. I stopped traveling because of Pandemia and it was nice to reconect again with volunteering in Sails of Kos. Alexi and his family are nice hosts. The crew was awesome and I made friends for life. I enjoyed my time cooking for the staff and I was really greatfull of this experience. Wish you the best!

Jelena: This was my first volunteer and I had the most amazing experience! I learned many new skills (thank you Louisa💜) and had so much fun working along side other volunteers. I felt like being a part of the family and made friends for life!

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Thank you to you both for being here with us, Thank you Diego for the exotic meals you provided for all as well as helping in the kitchen with the main menu. Jelena, bless you for your balanced and comitted presence at work. It was great to have an adult couple as part of our team instead of the typical gap year students. Hope you having a great time with the new venture , please keep in touch. George

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I had a wonderful time at Sails on Kos! Maddie and Alexi were great hosts and lovely people. They regularly checked in with me about how my experience was going and genuinely cared about the wellbeing and experiences of all of the volunteers. Work hours were reasonable and the work itself was enjoyable. I worked the breakfast shift which was a really nice way to start the day and also gain customer service experience. I met lots of wonderful people and saw some amazing sunsets and night skies that will stay with me for a long time. I recommend this Worldpackers experience!

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This was my first volunteer experience and I am more than grateful for it. My 5 week stay went by way too fast. This is truly the best place on earth. Everyone makes you feel like you're part of the family. The work is easy and fair! The food is amazing. They always have time for you if you have something to talk about and they are trying their best to find a good solution for everything!

Words cannot describe this place!
I will definitely be back next season!
Thank you for everything <3

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My experience was so incredible that I decided to stay longer than we planned.
The environment is very friendly and welcoming. Also, we have the opportunity to meet many volunteers from different countries. In addition, the work is fine, and the agreements are respected. After working, you can enjoy the pool with a nice view of the mountains or walk for 15 min and enjoy the beach. Also, there are bikes available. So you can explore the region cycling.
We have three delicious meals a day. And we sleep in tents (individual or not).
No doubt I would strongly recommend this place!

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I absolutely loved my time at Sails! There are loads of volunteers who are all great fun and the team is so welcoming and understanding. I was lucky to be able to work extra shifts in my first week meaning that I could choose whether to be paid extra hours, or to take extra days off; I took the days off and had the best time exploring the island. You get 3 meals a day, you can have as much or as little as you want which is great!

I would 100% recommend this to anyone and everyone, the site is right by the beach and there is a bus into the city regularly, so you’re never bored:)

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