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We have 50 beds which means there's always a nice person to meet and make new friends. We are located in Bellas Artes, a trendy neighborhood in downtown with great connectivity. We receive a lot of messages and usually fill positions quickly, try searching for more than a month ahead!

Every Tuesday we offer FREE DINNER. Yeah! That's right. It is a great opportunity to make friends and meet other people. Welcome to our hostel. Bienvenidos!

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A experiência no Santiago Backpackers foi muito boa! O hostel é muito bem localizado e é um lugar muito bonito e aconchegante, com isso muito procurado, recebendo muitos viajantes, de todas as partes do mundo. A a experiência vivida lá me propiciou conhecer muitas pessoas com culturas e conhecimentos diferentes.
A equipe que compõe o staff é muito acolhedora e disponível para colaborar. Ari e Catha, que dirigem o local, são sérios em seu trabalho e flexíveis para buscar a melhor solução aos voluntários. Foi uma grande experiência e indico a qualquer um que queira conhecer Santiago. :D

6 meses atrás


Is was my first time traveling and using Worldpackers. The travel itself was amazing! The people who works in the hostel was great, but the host confuses volunteers and employees. I loved the experience, but not because of him, unfortunately. I wouldn't recommend people to be a volunteer in this hostel. It made me feel stressed and disappointed.

mais de 1 ano atrás

Ari respondeu

Hi, I'm the host. I wish Andrea would have told me this personally and at the beggining of her stay, we saw each other every day. We host a lot of people and most leave very happy with their experience. I always have interviews and explain the jobs the volunteers will have, no surprises. In her case, the job was to organize parties/get-togethers and to serve breakfast. I have very clear the difference of a volunteer and a worker, but we are strict on volunteers being punctual and taking their duties seriously. In these aspects, there are no differences between workers or volunteers.
Still, this is a good opportunity to improve our recruiting and be very clear to future worldpackers about our expectations


Ari, the owner and all the guys in the staff, including the volunteers was really amazing... the hostel localization is perfect to you stay in Santiago. I stayed for few days, but I've learned thinly that I'll use for my whole life.

quase 2 anos atrás

Ari respondeu

Pedro! thanks a lot for your work and visit here, we are missing you!


Intercambio cultural constante. El staff fue maravilloso. Pasé días muy gratos, de hecho, no quería volverme a Argentina. Lugar muy recomendable, muchos idiomas y culturas por aprender.
Sin dudas que regresaré.
Gracias a todos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

quase 2 anos atrás

Ari respondeu

gracias Fede, ya te estamos esperando!


I had a very good experience meeting so many people. This hostel has preety good common areas and it's really easy to make friends and have great conversations.
Most of the staff (all the girls) were really awsome!... All the guys need to work on their behaviour towards girls... Unfortunatly this was a downside. But I believe the worldpackers have talked to them about it and that they had some kind of internal meeting to solve this.

Anything you need you can talk to the worldpackers and they will help you for sure (They once answered me around 7 am and helpd me!)

Enjoy Santiago!

quase 2 anos atrás

Ari respondeu

We are a hostel that receives a lot of volunteers (around 3 per month), both men and women. We look for people who is socially active and that can engage in good vibes with the other staff and our loved guests. We tolerate no agression to guests nor staff by our paid staff, volunteers and/or guests. Hence, I strongly disagree to the generalization that Alice is publishing. As the hostel owner and being one of the "guys" mentioned in her comments, I never had any inconvenient with her nor I saw any problem with the rest of the staff (on the contrary, they usually hung out together, including taking organized tours), until she reported to me via email that she had left the hostel the previous day, a week before her agreed period, for a problem she had with one other volunteer. We definetly don't agree with the way she decided to handle this issue. Finally, the other female volunteers that worked with us for the same period never reported any problem with the rest of the staff

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