Schloss Glarisegg

We are living as a community project since 2003 with 34 adults and 20 children in this beautiful castle, a beach at the Lake of Constance, meadows & forest with waterfalls. Our project includes a school (35 children), a permaculture garden, a lot of therapists, coaches and artists. Our values are grounded in peace building practices in groups like Scott Peck community building, Forum, Possibility management etc.

We call our vision to be a "place of encounter and awareness" - this is why we try to include everything within ourselves and the other ones. Our employees are kind and thankful for your help and introduce you well into your jobs.


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Glarisegg’ll stay in my heart forever!
The tasks are cleaning and dishwashing, it depends on the number of people that are in the seminar by the time. You could be working for an entire week 6 hrs daily but then receive a full free week. Anyway, the hours were respected and there’s always a worker to help you in case you have doubts.
I was living in a caravan all for myself with heater and a very comfortable bed!
The environment itself is incredible, you get to be in various esoteric therapy sessions and other activities. You can enjoy the lake, sauna, trips by bike.
It all was stunning! 💗

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In Glarisegg, I truly learned a lot about connecting with myself, others, and nature. It gave me a perfect time to develop in many ways. I am very grateful for the experience overall because I met extraordinary people and I could be in a magical place with good energy. The tasks were somewhat challenging sometimes but with good communication, things could be changed. Everyone tries their best but of course, unexpected challenges are inevitable as everywhere else. I felt appreciated for my work and I came home full of love in my heart.

3 meses atrás



Volunteering in Glarisseg has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. Since the beginning Melissa, the people from the community, seminar center and volunteers were very kind and welcoming. I learned a lot from them and I’m very thankful. They’re amazing people.
The place is gorgeous! The lake and woods really make you connect with nature.
The food was always delicious, fresh and made with love.
The weekly sessions with the therapists were amazing and very helpful. They help me to connect and learn from myself
I really recommend volunteering here. One of the best experiences of my life.

4 meses atrás



The place is too good to stay for a few months, it was my first experience as a volunteer and it was great. I had a completely different experience than what I was used to, here is a small town, calm, perfect to meet and connect with yourself and the nature. I walked around the region a lot, both by train and by bike, it's easy. The people at the seminar center received me very well, I loved to meet them all.

5 meses atrás

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