SenCLIP ( Senegal Culture Language Immersion Program)

In Senegal,you will enjoy an amazing cultural immersion experience and have a poditive impact with our community. You will be exploring the beauty of our culture while learning and sharing from one another. Wonderful exploring offers are also on the table waiting for you. Learn some useful words or phrases in our local languages while interacting with your host family and our lovely motivated kids butbalso brudhnup your French, immerse yourself in a friendly community and learn & share stories, have a questions/answers session with a family or a group of students, or women's group, kids...Enjoy an evening on a roof full beautiful shining stars. Smile! Bring your energy and happy face to join our community! Givingba handvto the needy makes life better! Together We Make A Difference!

I am a social and sharing and caring gentleman passionated with languages,teaching and cultural immersion. As a language teacher, I'm also offering transcription-translation services; I'm really in the Language Industry & I like connecting people through cultural-language immersion projects. Social work is also an interest for me to help people feel happy and cared. I enjoy being helpful to others. I like serving communities to make our human interaction a better approach to train better citizens. Mostly the staff is University students with whom I enjoy working on our projects. My volunteers are always treated well and they deserve much consideration and respect. Friendly and caring manners in a warm welcome will give you happiness beyond the lovely work to enjoy together. Make yourself at home!


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The experience, in Gandigal in the summer school, has been very nice, the children are great, the house and the school are in the same building, near Gandigal you have beaches and other places nearby to visit, the Senegalese that I have known are very nice and help you with everything you need, I will return to Senegal

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Due to the children having holidays (July - October) the project was not able to continue as planned, but Mouhamadou handled this really well. He contacted me in time and made sure to find another project that would also fit my wishes. I can't mention anything about this volunteering project, but I can say that Mouhamadou took care of me until I got home safely. He went out of his way to make sure I was enjoying my stay. Thanks Mouhamadou, you're a great person and I hope to collaborate again. Can't wait to get to know Senclip and help you in making the world a better place!

4 meses atrás

Mouhamadou respondeu

I highly recommend Winke! Thank you so much Winke for generously sharing your time and energy in our programs! We are very thankful.
You gave us a helping hand when it was highly needed the most. Your work has supported a worthy cause and everyone was happy working with you. Volunteers like Winke change the world for the better. Her devotion to our cause and energy and flexibility have really impacted positively our small community but also she inspires us to do more and better. Not only did Winke volunteer with us but she also donated school supplies that will be very helpful to support kids in rural schools. Thank you very much,Winke! I can't wait to follow-up with you about SenClip. Thank you so much!



I contacted this place, and they accepted me, but later on I wrote him on WhatsApp and he never answered but saw every single message, i called him several times he never answered, he once send me a message telling me that he would call me later, something that he never did, I am really disappointed, because i planed everything so i could be there for these 3 weeks, but it was ruined, because he never answered

7 meses atrás

Mouhamadou respondeu

Thank you Sofian for your interest and commitment you showed to work with us. I'm sorry our communication through whatssap started but never ended accordingly as we wished. It's been slow on my side to follow up since I have moved out of Senegal. However this challenge was not intentional. Sorry you felt disappointed.
Time adjustment has been a barrier for following up with you. I am sorry but the intention to welcome and work with you in our program, was there.
I hope you have a safe and pleasant flight back home. Gracias!



It was an amazing experience to work for Mouhamadou and Grace at Shiloh Academy. Mouhamadou is very kind and informative. Grace and her family welcomed me and provided all of the things I needed. I loved working with the children, all of them are lovely. I came two weeks before Christmas, and left right before New Year’s Eve, so the days in between Mouhamadou planned a safari trip for me and a trip to the fish market in Mbout, and I also went to Goree Island with Grace’s family.

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Is a good place to share It is a good school to share with children and students. If the stay is long, you can collaborate with a help schedule for teachers.

In my case, I was only there for a week and they accepted me well without being able to help on this issue. But I am very grateful because I was able to share with the children in class. The food issue is more complicated. It was not shared and the distance to go to town was very far. It was a bit difficult, in the end her mom accepted me and helped me. Thanks for everything 💖 Angi

12 meses atrás

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