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First of all, we are not a cheap way to cover or save on rent for people. It has come to our attention that many people asking to spend time in our Hostel for cultural exchange are coming in and immediately are getting or finding jobs.

How? we don't know. But these people want to just spend the minimum amount of time at the hostel (like the very minimum!) and then they are working 40 or more hours at these jobs they find. They get angry if I come and ask them for help or to hang out with us or with our guests. They are asking our other staff members to lie for them or cover for them.

So, if you are this type of "traveler" who has plans of getting jobs in Las Vegas while staying in our Hotel WE DO NOT WANT YOU AND DO NOT BOTHER TO APPLY. If we go through and accept you and then we see that you are one of these people we will cancel the stay.


We love having volunteers from all over the world who enjoy sharing their culture and learning ours!

You will be helping with cleaning, general upkeep of the property, and weekly social activities designed to enhance the community aspect of a hostel experience for our traveling guests!

Currently we are looking for HIGHLY sociable, HIGHLY respectful, and HIGHLY reliable travelers such as yourself to be part of our hostel community.

So, now that we got you reading this far... please understand that the safety, comfortability, and consistency we provide to our guests here is one of the things that sets us apart from other hostels. This begins with an amazing, responsible, and fun staff. Therefore, here are some examples of what we have no patience for in a busy, friendly, and clean hostel:

Laziness/Lack of motivation or urgency
Lack of respect/inconsideration for co-workers, mgmt., or guests
Anti-social preferences
Drinking problems (like seriously, drinking is allowed but drunkenness is not!) If you don't know the difference, please don't bother to apply.
Drug problems (legal or illegal)
Relationship/marital issues (because you will live where you work, please no drama!)
No couples (sorry)
Particularly short commitments (minimum stay is one month)

Still with us? ... Alright!

Send us a message with:

The dates you have in mind (arrival and departing)
Why you are awesome
Any experience you have had in Hostels (as a guest and helper)

And we'll get back to you asap! =D

We are awesome, down to earth locals. Travelers love us! We are very friendly. Our goal is for travelers (helpers) to have a good time while they are in Las Vegas. We don't want you to feel like you are working working working! We want you to have time for yourself and we want you to have a good time with our guests. Have fun with them, go out with them, become friends with them. That's the main reason we are here. We can't go out all the time, we have our own lives and responsibilities. We are past the crazy Vegas life. This is why people like you can still experience this great city and love our Hostel.

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The experience in Sin City Hostel was sooo amazing. Las Vegas is a great city, there are a lot of things to do nearby and there are a lot of party in Las Vegas, the vibe in the hostel it is so amazing.
I stayed one month and I met so many great people (nice volunteers and great guests) and i had so much fun with them.. Jason the owner is a really nice person and the work it is also good, most of the time I worked less hours than I expected. I can say it was one of the best experience i have ever done and i hope to come back one day again in Sin City hostel and in Las Vegas :)

29 dias atrás



Sin City Hotel, dónde fuí Feliz!! agradezco cada momento compartido, (las tareas son fáciles y en horas acordadas) un lugar donde te sientes como en casa. Gracias Jason, por tu generosidad, por hacer un paraíso para los que deseamos conocer las Vegas. Gracias Diego por tu disposición para la diversión, a ti, Susie por tu alegría, tu cariño y gran disposición para hacer más agradable la estancia de los voluntarios. Les llevaré en mi ❤️ y Volveré... No crean que pueden deshacerse de mi tan fácilmente. 😂😂😂 les haré más Arepas!!! Un abrazo enorme!!!!!

1 mês atrás



Sim City Hostel is the best place to enjoy, working is easy and you can see many places in Las Vegas. The host Jason is a good man and Diego and Suzy are the best. You will be able to practice English, Spanish and Portuguese with the guests. It's my first volunteering and I think it couldn't be better.

1 mês atrás

Estados Unidos


Jason Suze and Diego were amazing. Great for my first experience volunteering in a hostel and i recommend to anyone!

2 meses atrás



I had an amazing experience at this hostel, more than I could imagine.

I would like to thank Jason and all the staff who made me feel very welcome from the moment I arrived. The staff is very friendly and does everything to make you feel comfortable.

The tasks requested are reasonable and simple and only take few hours in the morning. So you have enough free time to explore the city.

I had great encounters with the other volunteers and also with the other guests.

Thank you for this experience Jason. I recommend 100% !!!☺️

3 meses atrás

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