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***IMPORTANT INFO DUE TO CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK*** We have to inform you first about the current situation. - there might be no possibility to get a Visa to enter Myanmar at the moment - there are no flights at this moment landing in Myanmar - check the regulations and restrictions online and be aware that it can change every day - if you come here because you're already in Myanmar, there might be the possibility that you will be isolated from the rest of the population for a maximum of two weeks. We will provide you a place to sleep in a big room with other travellers that are in quarantine and we will give you food of course. - after this you will be free to work with us and move to the dorms :) - be aware that this center is big with a population of 4.000 people and hygiene standards are not close to western standards. Here it is almost impossible to take measures like social distancing - Nonetheless in Thabarwa Center we believe in the power of doing good deeds and meditation and we will welcome you to join us if you agree with all mentioned above ALL THE INFO CAN CHANGE DAY BY DAY, STAY UPDATED As international volunteers we can help the center in several ways. Some of the activities are helping patients with general care, washing and physiotherapy. Also volunteers can help in the maintenance and building activities at the center. Teaching English to locals and children, cooking and gardening is also something that we do. Basically each volunteer is free to participate in every activity as they like or to learn a new skill. Volunteers can also propose and discuss new projects if they have any skills that can be useful for the benefit of the center and its residents. There is the opportunity to follow guided meditation, learn more about Buddhism or practice on their own. Meditation and yoga teachers are always welcome to join and organize lessons for all volunteers. Volunteers here in the center have the rare chance to join the monks collecting alms during the morning and have a unique experience about Buddhism and really interact with the local people.

We are a meditation center located in Thanlyin. This is also a non-profit humanitarian organization. It is a place where volunteers can practice meditation and donate their time, effort and energy to help others and do unlimited good deeds. The center was established in 2008 by a local monk for the general benefit and it is taking care of the most crucial needs of the local community. It has grown to a small village offering refuge 24 hours a day, seven days a week without restrictions. It is a sanctuary for people from all class and regions who seek refuge or care and attention and/or the desire to practice meditation. The center provides sanctuary for more than 3400 people including the aged, sick, disabled, homeless and helpless. It provides help without discrimination or restrictions. Volunteers here in the center will have the unique opportunity to live, work and learn alongside monks and Burmese people in a way not possible on your typical travels. Accommodation Volunteers will be hosted in separate male and female dorms. Bed linen, security lockers and mosquito nets are provided. Breakfast and lunch are provided by the center and a kitchen is available for the volunteers to prepare the dinner together. Free R/O filtered water is available free throughout the center. There are also several restaurants and shops in the center for any extra needs that you might have. Thanlyin is just 40 minutes away from Yangon city center and can easily be reached by public transportations or taxi. What else ... IMPORTANT NOTES We strongly recommend you to come for at least one week, if possible. It will give you the opportunity to have an impact and to learn about the center, about yourself. But of course you will always be welcome to join even for a short time as the center gives unlimited free shelter for anybody. If you don't have time to wait for an answer in worldpackers you are allowed to come by yourself, after checking the website ( and reading all info on worldpackers. We DO prefer if you send us a message first. Please come preferably between 9-11am and 1-5pm. Enter the gate, follow the road and go to the registration office (right side) first. If you want to bring donations please check this page of things we need everyday: We request people who come here, even for a short time, to follow the monastic code of morality which includes: Not harming any living being. Not taking what is not given. Not sexual misconduct. Not harmful, harsh or false speech. Not taking drugs or alcohol during your stay here. Also avoid dancing or loud music on the streets and keep shoulders, chest and knees covered outside your dorm. Please pay attention that cats, dogs and even cows are walking freely around the center. Don’t worry the cows don’t bite. Wifi is not available but a 4G Burmese SIM card with 1GB of data cost less than 2$ and can be found at the center. DISCLAIMER In the center there are patients with HIV or tuberculosis; they are in a closed off area witch his showed to the volunteers during the welcome tour. The volunteers will never be asked to be in contact with these patients but they're free to take care of them with the right precautions. The center provides gloves, face masks, disinfectant solutions, etc. to protect the volunteers and the patients. A volunteer coordinator is always present to show the right procedure and to answer any questions the volunteer might have. It is also important to have all your vaccinations updated, this is for your own safety and others.


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It was great!
You need some time to get to know everything. There is so much to do and I can not put in words how it makes you feel. It is an amazing and inspiring place witch you have to experience yourself to understand. I learned a lot eventhough I was only there for two days. I can recommend it, you learn so much and can try so many things, plus you get to know the locals and experience how they live.




Thabarwa es un lugar mágico! Se necesita mucha ayuda y hay gente del mundo trabajando por una comunidad mejor y más bonita. Se tiene que vivir al experiencia.
Yo iba por solo 5 días y me quede 2 semanas!




It's a place you can't quite put down in words. It felt like being a part of a village and really living with the locals, while serving the community in various meaningful ways. You are free to contribute as much as you want without any judgement. Unforgettable.




Really nice!




It was an amazing experience!! On the first day I was shocked because the cultural differences, but the other days I started to love it, it was my first experience helping other, and see the grateful and happy patients was the best part! But it’s not easy, you really have to be interesting in helping others and give your time full time a day!
All the volunteers are super nice and they teach you all the activities that you want to do! I super the recommend this social experience!


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