The Beach Waikiki Boutique Hostel

The best Hawaiian Ohana you will connect with. We take care of each other. We balance daily life with work, fun and personal hobbies. We live in a place that is 1 block from the beach. Surfboards are for free to enjoy every day for a sunset sunrise or anytime. There is diversity, We respect each other, we do not accept any bullying or unprofessional manners. We learn from each other, we work as a team to have the best time and have the best results, we build memories together to last a life time!

Each of you will be respected and keeping boundaries at all the times. We will assign the schedules based on the staff availability and hostels operations, maximum working hours 32 hours per week. We will listen any feedback, suggestion or concern at any time. The schedule will be updated every week to make arrangements for your hobbies, beach time, surfing time, walk, yoga or relax time. Based on performance, staff members can be eligible to go on one of our tours without paying any fee. (You can standby on as many tours as you'd like for free, if there is space and you are off you can hop on as well) We share food, donated items, sunsets and good vibes!


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Staying and working at the Beach boutique Hostel was amazing. I met so many great people from all over the world, was able to participate in tours and had 3-4 days off every week to I had time to go explore and see the island.
I worked night shifts, which was okay for me, but my colleagues who did not like working at night were able to change their shift, the host tried to be as flexible as possible with the shifts so everyone would be happy!
We worked 8 hour shifts, so there was enough time after each shift to still participate in activities that were not too far away from the hostel.

5 dias atrás



I had a great time at The Beach Waikiki Boutique Hostel. The people who work there are fantastic. I had a great time connecting with the staff and guests. The hostel has a great atmosphere and is a great way to meet people. It was incredible to be able to join the tours and other activities.
There were more work hours than I expected, but if you show up prepared to work and have fun, you'll have a delightful time. I highly recommend The Beach Waikiki Boutique Hostel for the people, atmosphere, location and fun. The work is simple, and you get used to it.

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It is a great way to save some money and explore oahu, I would recommend to stay longer in hawaii to see the other islands too if you can :) I made good friends for life and the staff and guest in the hostel are really nice and there is relaxing vibe! You do need to work a lot of hours (for me 32 and night shifts) which can be tiring sometimes during the stay. Zain takes good care of the staff and if there are any issues with the schedule he will listen and see what he can do to make it good for both sides! You are really close to the beach and you can take any rental for free!

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Working at the beach boutique hostel was a wonderful experience !! I met so many amazing & kind people during my stay. I’m so excited to meet up with in the future. Our manager, Zain was very welcoming & held a BBQ for us so we could all become closer. At a beautiful location over-looking the ocean in an infinite pool. This hostel experience would be great for anyone who is social & loves to get out in the ocean. we were offered free access to surfboards at any time, got to go for sunrise & sunset surfs. I did the night shift during my stay, so I can’t comment too much about day shifts.

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My time in the hostel was very good, Zain is a committed person and he is dedicated to his work, this helps make one’s job more comfortable. (Always available to help when you need it.)
My partners (fellow) were amazing.
The hostel is highly recommended to discover new friends and get to know Honolulu

2 meses atrás

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