Tiki Camp

You love to be part of a team, spend your days outdoors, don’t mind physical work, love animals, are not afraid of cleaning, are responsible and caring. You have a good command of English.

We are social, kind and fun loving people. We work very hard and expect them same from our volunteers. We treat everyone with respect and love.

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I really enjoyed living and working at the camp!! Nicki and Tirza are very welcoming and I love playing with cute 2 years old Otti:)
the working hours are really comfortable and a lot of free time to go traveling with the bikes, to go to the beach and do some yoga:)
I really recommend this volunteering!!

9 dias atrás



I had my first experience abroad with them and they took good care of me and made sure I was comfortable. Nicki is a great cook. Tirza and Nicki made me more conscious about food. At Tiki camp, everything is organized and neat, which makes it great. The place is intertwined with nature. And this place made me more socialized.Thank you again for helping me to contribute to myself in every field.

14 dias atrás



I enjoyed every single moment of my time here. I volunteered with my partner for a little over a month, and I wish I had stayed longer. Nicki and Tirza are brilliant hosts. Who respect you, are very fair and make you feel so comfortable.
The food was also delicious. (I'm going to miss the food so much)
As for jobs, they were not too difficult and pretty fun. Nicki and Tirza would even accommodate your interests to assign you more enjoyable tasks.
I could not recommend this place enough! Thank you for the amazing experience 💕

28 dias atrás



Tiki Camp was a great experience! Tirza and Nicki are lovely hosts who looked after us really well. Before arriving, I didn't know if how well I'd do with a vegan/vegetarian diet, but with Nicki's amazing homecooked meals every night made it so easy, everything was delicious! Tirza is clear and direct with what needs so be done around the campsite, which is great, then you know what needs to be done or if something needs to be changed so you can get it right the next time. Everyone we met there were so friendly, and I already miss all the animals especially Lucy and Peanut! Thanks Otti's house

30 dias atrás

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Nicki and Tirza made us feel instantly welcome at Tiki camp. The animals are adorable and they have a very sweet daughter who loves to play. We had our own bathroom and fridge and everything was clean and well kept. Nicki is a great cook and provided a delicious home cooked meal every day. The work was challenging but rewarding with enough variation to keep it interesting. We had a great time there and they were very understanding when we unfortunately had to leave early. There sadly isnt much to do in the area and it is difficult to get around. Thank you Nicki and Tirza for the experience :)

30 dias atrás

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