Vegan Farmsanctuary

We have two vegan farmsanctuarys, run by people who dedicate their lives for saving the animals and giving them a sanctuary. We have farm animals like sheep, geese, pigs, cows but also ponys and rabbits and cats ans dogs. Here you can see the animals and ther characters, because they feel safe and are happy. And you can also see what is possible to achieve, if you believe in the same things.

We‘re a bunch of compassionate and honest people, sometimes a bit crazy but always open minded and open hearted. The association is led by 3 passionate women, who together with many great people want to create a place of peaceful coexistence for animals and humans. We have only volunteers and everyone is doing this in their freetime. We are at a point where we still try to find our organisation strucure to work more and more professionaly. in this project you can leave your personal mark, if you have ideas to make it better with what we have.


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Costa Rica

I'm gonna start saying that if you don't love animals, don't even bother to volunteer here. This place is made for the animals, you work and live for them, it's such a fulfilling job. The job is basically feeding the animals, cleaning and help with the "emergencies" that comes up when you work with animals. Animals don't have a "turn off" button and that's why I say you should love them. In my case, the experience was amazing, I loved it and I wish I can go back. The love and satisfaction you get when working with animals has no price. Elisabeth and everyone were amazing with me. Thank you!!



Being part of the farm for two weeks was a really good experience. You are always in touch with nature, animals and is lovely to take care of them. The working hours are along the day, and the basic tasks are feeding the animals, building fences, cleaning the stables and go shopping and cook your own food. Elisabeth always provided us the delicious vegan food and she also cooks very well 😊. Hope to back soon to visit the sanctuary.



I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to spend time in nature and in close contact with animals. I stayed at home with Elisabeth and I had my own confortable and cozy room and I had at my disposal all the food I wanted... delicious and veggie! My tasks were feeding the animals (ponys, rabbits and gooses) and clean all the ponys area, the garden and the house. At 6PM I was out again for about 30 minutes to prepare the food for the evening. It was a really good experience, I knew a lot of amazing people and I learned a lot about veganism and animals. Elisabeth is kind and nice.


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