Vesuvio Eco Camping

You will sleep at the feet one of the most famous Volcanos in the world

Amazing local food always around

Great location (right on the edge between the urban vesuvian area and the wilderness of Mt vesuvius regional park), with the triangle Pompei-Sorrento-Napoli easily reachable by bicycle (or train station at 1km)

Meet people from all over the world

Learning about local traditions, culture and deep diving into Neapolitan roots

Lots of activities and wonderful common areas with stable free WIFI connection

Flexibility and freedom to be Yourself :)

We are a group of friends trying to bring good vibes and experiences in the area with our business venture. Our motto is: work hard, play hard! Expect to be treated like one of us :)

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Musica, cultura, familia. Por algo volvi a elegir este lugar como mi casa por segunda vez. Inmersion cultural en su máxima expresión, conectarse con los locales y sentir la energía del vesuvio es algo sin igual. Gracias a todos los que estuvieron: Arcangelo, Andrea, Anita y todo el equipo de vesuvio eco camping! Nos vemos a la vuelta ❤️

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De las mejores experiencias que he tenido. El campamento es genial y las personas realmente se preocupan por los voluntarios, la comida es deliciosa y la convivencia es lo mejor. Lo recomiendo ampliamente. Espero volver en un futuro

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It’s my best experience so far, all the staff are so friendly, kind, they were as a family for me, all of them have an unique energy. 100% recommended

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Excelente. Genial. Repetiria

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I loved my experience at the Vesuvio eco-camping 🥰 Andrea, Archie, Anita and Rita were amazing, welcoming and caring. I cannot thank them enough for their hospitality! My fellow volunteers rocked my world (Nadina, Queilla, Emilio and Manuel will be in my heart always 🥹). I SURELY received more than I gave ❤️ I am beyond grateful for this experience. I had time to give my PhD student life a stop, rethink priorities, and have a body & soul boost, + I will be forever over the 🌕 'cause I could do all these 'barefoot' on the Vesuvio [I am a geologist so this was a volcanic life experience 🌋]

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