Volunt2Thai V2T Rural Development Center (Campus & Cultural Centre)

V2T Campus & Cultural Center Thailand accept interns / volunteers all year round for work in agriculture, construction, teaching 5-15 yo children English, music, computer training, (in general and programming) art & crafts in addition to sports both during school term and at V2T summer school at the village temple. (6 schools 6 villages) In addition, you may also be required to help organize events, seminars, and training days at the V2T campus. The program is led by V2T but is also supported by the local village mayors, school directors, teachers and district authority representatives. Volunt2Thai Community and Social Development Project V2T was started in 2014 with the aims of helping farmers and their families and to encourage the development of the region with particular emphasis on guiding the children of the villages to a better future. V2T has since grown and with the constant expansion of its network, it has become a Campus & Cultural Center and platform for all kinds of projects. Your job at V2T is to broaden the boundaries of the children and improve their understanding of the world with your influence and presence so that when they grown up they will be able to act in a wider intercultural dimension. With a better understanding of the world they occupy, they will be better equipped to determine their own destiny. In simplest terms "all project participants will have left behind knowledge and good memories". Beeing Ambassadors to develop Yunus Social Business Centres (YSBC) globally V2T has taken the responsibility to implement Dr Yunus 3 Zeros i.e. zero unemployment, zero net carbon, zero poverty in schools according to school curriculum priorities and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) through a process of STEMSEL Invention for Social Good. This all is done with support from Dr Yunus Community Ambassadors (DYCA) Adding a V2T reference to your CV is guaranteed to get you noticed Volunt2Thai has collaborative partnerships with NGO’s and educational institutions (colleges & universities) and works with a wide range of partners in all of its fields of competence for the development of different projects taking place at our project sites. In contrast to the project Volunt2Thai which concentrates its efforts on the development of the community with particular focus on the children, the association's aim is to promote and support the volunteer engagement of youths and adults and in so doing, contribute to the development of international cooperation and understanding Learn more http://www.volunt2thai.com

Volunt2Thai Association which has its headquarters in Vienna is partner of the independent service center and state aided organization "Weltwegweiser" which is the partner of "Jugend eine Welt" supported by the Austrian Development Agency (Agentur der Österreichischen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit) The cooperation "Worldwide Volunteers" elevates V2T to get support by the German Federal Ministry, for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Volunteers in Germany can apply to stay with V2T Project in Thailand for a so called "social year" (Entwicklungspolitischer Freiwilligendienst weltwärts)

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