• Idade: 31
  • Nacionalidade: Canadá
  • Idiomas: Inglês

Experiências de Voluntariado

Experiência no Estados Unidos

Hostel Davidson County, Estados Unidos Apr/2019


Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

Meagan was great to work with! She was very independent, prompt, and friendly. She took photos of our property and did an excellent job.

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Avaliação feita por Meagan

I had the best time at this Hostel! The staff were so lovely and Ryan was a great host. He gave me very clear instructions and was always available if I had questions. My job was to photograph the hostel for the website. I was able to work on my own time which I loved. Would come back anytime. I made a video about my experience in Nashville & working for the hostel.

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Safety and the confidence to volunteer


Hey I'm Meg! A videographer from Alberta, Canada. I caught the travel bug at 19 and havent been able to stop. While I do work full time now, my job allows me a lot of freedom for wonderful adventures around the world. I am extroverted, organized and love to capture my experiences through video & photography.


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Experiências de vida


I graduated with a degree in Motion Image Design in 2012 from Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. I have worked as a full time videographer since the day I graduated. Working primarily in news, entertainment & education sectors.

I am currently studying business with a focus on the hospitality industry.

Experiências profissionais

Aside from my 7 years of Videographer experience, I have also founded a clothing company called Flannel Foxes. I worked as Director of Marketing for the company for 3 years before being bought out so I can pursue my love of travel. I am very interested in real estate and own several investment properties that I have renovated myself.

Before working as a videographer, all my jobs were in customer service. Primarily working in coffee shops, I loved spending my days socializing with people.

Experiências de viagem

Ever since I booked my first solo trip to New Zealand at age 19, I have been hooked on travelling. I have been all over North America, New Zealand and 14 countries in Europe (some multiple times!) I have travelled solo, and I have travelled in large groups. I love the freedom that travel brings and can't wait to do more.