Bar shifts with a bit of love and flair in our little corner or paradise! 🍻🍋🥥🥃🍸🍹🎉


This position is for anyone that loves working a counter at an incredibly up-beat, social bar. The Bar is open to public and located right next to a Party Hostel. Activities will be held every night and the bar is meant to cater to backpackers and culturally curious locals. Knowledge of and a passion for cocktails and craft beers would be ideal. This position works an extra hour over the rest, but it also benefits from tips on a nightly basis.


30 horas por semana

Bartender: Sirva bons drinks e ajude na organização do estoque.

O que você recebe

1 dia livre por semana

Quarto da equipe: Você faz parte do time! Conheça a galera ficando junto deles.

Café da manhã: Você ganha um café da manhã daqueles pra começar o dia.

Jantar: Você ganha um jantar preparado com amor diariamente.

Descontos em festas: Caia na noite e curta as melhores festas da cidade.

Descontos em tours: Te levamos para conhecer as verdadeiras atrações!

Tours na faixa!: Te levamos para conhecer as verdadeiras atrações!

Drinks na faixa!: Porque você merece economizar no pileque.

Festas na faixa!: Caia na noite e curta as melhores festas da cidade!

Eventos na faixa!: Curta os melhores eventos da região!

Aulas de Yoga: Você pode participar das nossas aulas de Yoga. Namastê!

Aulas de idiomas: Aprenda ou melhore uma outra língua. Oh yeah.


Inglês Intermediário ou Espanhol Intermediário

Entre 18 e 35 anos

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


Volunteers must take six shifts a week (roughly 24hrs/week) in exchange for free accommodation, free breakfast & free dinner, seven days a week.

Shifts are assigned every day at 10:30am at the volunteer meeting, for the next 24hrs. In order to request & receive a shift, volunteers must be present at the meeting. Shifts are assigned in order of shift-priority until all volunteers have received a shift, or no volunteer is willing to take the shift on offer.

Upon arrival, we open a ‘tab’ for you via leaving your passport with management (as travelers do at the Hostel who don’t settle up upon check-in). A reception manager will put a volunteer slip into the passport & put it into a safe we have on-site. Under special circumstances, a $100 USD deposit & alternative photo ID may be left in lieu of a passport.

This a vol. position, but extra income can be made from commissions

Atividades & Turnos

Shift schedule is from 7pm to midnight
Buy fresh produce for cocktails from the local supermarket
Keep bar area clean
Wash and dry glassware
Prepare cocktails. At a minimum, you should know these:
Tequila Sunrise
Piña Colada
Cuba Libre

Knowing a bit of flair would be a huge plus
While this ad is for this particular shift, you may also take other volunteer shifts to switch things up a bit during the week.

As part of the team, you may be asked to help around with other evening tasks


We are NOT a drug-friendly Hostel. Getting shitfaced is A-Ok, but on the legal stuff only. Anyone found with drugs will be asked to leave.