Teach, travel & stay in beautiful Hanoi Center!

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If you plan to visit Vietnam, we would like to invite you to take part in our working holiday program in Hanoi. Here you will gain an authentic experience of the local way of life, by making real connections with friendly people, by teaching English and living skills to our lovely students, through a safe and reliable homestay with a local family, and on top of that you will be enjoying a variety of entertaining community activities with us.

Como você vai ajudar

20 horas por semana

Trabalho social: Ajude comunidades locais.

Ensinar idiomas: Ensine um idioma para hóspedes ou comunidades locais.


2 dias livres por semana

Quarto compartilhado: Conheça uma galera ficando em um quarto compartilhado.

Almoço: Você ganha um almoço delícia diariamente.

Jantar: Você ganha um jantar preparado com amor diariamente.

Cozinhar a própria comida: Fique à vontade para usar nossa cozinha.

Lavanderia gratuita: A lavanderia é por nossa conta.

Tours na faixa!: Te levamos para conhecer as verdadeiras atrações!

Drinks na faixa!: Porque você merece economizar no pileque.

Eventos na faixa!: Curta os melhores eventos da região!

Bicicletas à vontade: Use nossas bikes à vonts, quando quiser.

Aulas de Yoga: Você pode participar das nossas aulas de Yoga. Namastê!

Aulas de dança: Baila-te, viajante! Participe das nossas aulas de dança.

Aulas de idiomas: Aprenda ou melhore uma outra língua. Oh yeah.

Certificado: Ganhe um certificado de conclusão quando for embora.


Inglês Intermediário

Tem que ter pelo menos 18 anos

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


We ask you to work for 4-5 hours a day, 20-25 hours/week, possibly including a few hours during the weekends) in exchange for:
* Accommodation (shared bedroom) and two (2) meals a day. We provide food-tour-programs during your period of stay to give you a chance to learn about and taste our traditional and very delicious Vietnamese dishes and beverages.
* Exciting and useful community activities (talk shows, movies, charity trips, hangouts, traditional festivals, and events)
* Day trips both in and out of Hanoi every month, to explore the picturesque landscape & cultural diversity throughout the northern region of Vietnam.
* Certificates, a recommendation letter, and references.

We hosted a lot of very nice members before and hope you will be one of them. You can learn more here:

Atividades & Turnos

We welcome you to experience the “genuine” day-to-day life side by side with local, ordinary people. We recommend that you explore the surrounding areas on your own and that you take part in extracurricular activities and cultural exchange events with other students and travelers as yourself, such as:
* Language exchange cafés, where you meet peers in calm surroundings to teach & simultaneously learn a foreign language.
* Food tours & walking tours in and around the Old Quarter to learn about the history of Hanoi and Northern Vietnam.
* Physical activities – like running, kayaking, fishing, swimming, jogging, gym, yoga or aerobics – we offer a bountiful here.
* Wandering about at the local markets and get lost in the popular night (flower/ fruit/ seafood) markets in our tropical country.


We are looking for someone who…
• Is highly responsible, positive and open-minded.
• Has a considerable passion for marketing and teaching.
• Has strong inter-personal skills and experiences with working with a wide variety of people (especially adolescents) in a multicultural environment.
• Has a bachelor’s degree and working experience within the branches of marketing and teaching.
• Is a native English speaker or fluent in English as his/her second language. Native English speakers will be preferred.

As mentioned, you will homestay in our home. And our programs aren't the volunteer programs. Please show respect for our customs and norms, and make sure that you suit our requirements. If not, we will ask you to leave our program immediately.