Jornalista, leitora, viajante y otras cositas más. Uma forasteira que se perde no mundo para, no instante seguinte, poder se encontrar. Cinco países mais o Brasil, e contando!

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Great and serious person , she did the job with responsability


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I had a great time there. We did a secret Santa before Christmas with all the staff and a dinner in the Christmas night with who didn't go home for this date and it was wonderful. I met amazing people there and the work was exactly what was on the description. I super recommend that position.


Rebecca respondeu

Thanks for your Help Karina, it was a pleasure meeting you and working with you!


This was my first experience as worldpacker and it was awesome! The work was calm and easy, the city is beatiful and the staff at the hostel is so lovely. Toñi, Abdou and Priscila are the best team: they made me feel as if I was in my home. I super recommend this position. Cordoba is incredible and the hostel is a great place to live there!



  • Fluente: Inglês, Espanhol e Português


Sou Ninja!
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Quem sou eu

Jornalista, leitora, viajante y otras cositas más.

Experiências de vida


I studied Journalism at Unisinos, from 2008 to 2015.

Experiências profissionais

Since 2012, I've worked in brazilian newspapers where I wrote a lots of stories about the people and their lifes, challenges and difficulties. I also did a videos, reportages on sites and I won prizes with my job. I love to help people and I believe that I can do more If I travelling around the world. I'm very mind opened to work in any place and do any job, because I'm looking for a life experience with this travel.
From november, 2016, to february, 2017, I've worked as volunteer in 3 hostels in Europe, in Spain, Portugal and Italy, helping in the reception and the cleaning.

Experiências de viagem

My first travel to exterior was in July, when I visited Costa Rica to receive a journalism prize. There, I met people from many countries of Latin America, like Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela, and it was fascinating to me. I met the capital, San Jose, and it was amazing. I lunched at a kind of popular mall, not very clean, just to see how is life there. I talked with too many people and it was great. I guess that moment showed me how important is to travel and to know all the cultures and people as possible. I came back to Brazil as a different person and I want more of this.
I also went to Colombia, where I had a great life experience in Cartagena, a magical city, and also Medellín, that was a big surprise.
And as workway I've been in Cordoba, Spain, Libon, Portugal, and Catania, Italy.

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