Western Europe

Discover the #worldpackerslife in Western Europe and get inspired to travel!

Volunteering at a community in Germany ❤️
A day as a marketing volunteer in Germany 👨🏻‍💻
Volunteering at an animal shelter in Portugal ✨🐶
A day volunteering in Germany ✨🍃
Volunteering at a chateau in France ✨🏰
Volunteering in a community in Germany ✨🍃
A morning as a volunteer at a dog shelter ✨🐕🇵🇹
My day volunteering in France ✨
Day off in the life volunteering in Scotland as a couple 🏰​❤️​
A normal day volunteering with social media in Europe ⚡
Resetting with Worldpackers 🤩
This is what volunteering looks like 💙✨
Volunteering in Italy​🍝​
A day in the life at a rescue sanctuary in Spain🐥​ 🥰
My first day volunteering in Portugal with Worldpackers!
My favorite day volunteering in Lisbon ​​​🌊​
A day volunteering in Germany ​🐄​​💗​
A day on a fruit farm in the Italian Alps 🏔️​​🐐​
Days off at the beach 🌞🌴✨
Amazing day volunteering in France 🥖​🍷​🌿​