Nadya Simone

The Black Travel movement

Get firsthand advice on traveling as a black traveler, tips about common questions a person of color traveling may have and what to do when the unexpected comes up. Watch experience and stories to boost your confidence to get out there and travel!


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Nadya Simone

Greetings! I come from California but have been traveling through South America, currently Europe... and many more places next. I love vegan food, cats, showing off my moves on a dance floor and sharing my travel experience and perspective. I believe travel is for anyone at any budget and am always excited to share and answer questions about how WorldPackers makes that possible.

4 lessons

How traveling as a solo person of color gives the ultimate confidence boost

3 unexpected things you may experience as a person of color and what to do

3 ways the Black Travel movement is challenging stereotypes

How to build community and make connections as a black traveler

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67 It brought me more self-awareness

50 I learned new interpersonal skills

42 I developed social and environmental awareness

36 I learned basic concepts

31 I discovered useful tools and materials

23 I learned how to plan my trip


Mekhiya United States

This is wonderful course! It was so heart warming to hear about the same concerns/ concepts I relate to!

27 days ago


Markeiyah United States

After watching each video to the course, I felt more comfortable & confident. Very inspiring.

about 1 month ago


Alexis United States

I was looking all around for a poc to give their advice/experience with this!

about 2 months ago


Kusi Ghana

it's awesome 👌

about 2 months ago


Cíntia Brazil


about 2 months ago


Talita Brazil

Nadya, huge thank you for these series of videos. I'm feeling inspired!!

about 2 months ago

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