5 tips to improve Learning & Fun during your experience

Travelers value having fun and learning during their experience. Check our tips on how to offer incredible moments!


1. Add categories in the Descriptions field on your profile

Make the categories on your profile clear to perfectly describe the vibe of your place. Is it a cozy and peaceful place? Do you have a lot of parties and young people? Close to the beach and zen?

2. Create volunteer manuals or checklists

Explain to the volunteer in plain terms what you need. A manual or checklist can help you (as well as the volunteer) to remember the most important things and not leave any task out by accident.

3. Group the volunteer’s tasks together so that they do all different activities.

We know that at times some activities are not that exciting, so it’s important to mix these tasks with other cooler ones. Remember that experience is everything!

4. Teach them cultural issues about their city or country.

Give tips about where the volunteer can go, tourist attractions, best restaurants, cheap ways to get places... Everything you can share!

Take the opportunity to learn about your volunteer’s culture, customs and life experiences, and ask them for tips about their own city as they will probably have a very different view from yours if you end up going there.

5. Encourage interactions between volunteers and staff

When volunteers and the staff/family/community are integrated together, the exchange is much richer. A family dinner to introduce the worldpacker to the group, for example, is a great opportunity!

How to transform these tips into opportunities?

  • Listen to the feedback of the travelers in a friendly and open way, quickly solving problems: remember that the volunteer is also partially a guest and can alert you to problems before a formal guest or a future volunteer does.
  • Through having this exchange of experiences, you will learn so much more about other cultures as well as about your own city. This will help you give better and better recommendations to your guests and community. 

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