Open letter to the Worldpackers Community

We have more than 1.3 million worldpackers already around the world and, in this time of so much separation, hate and fear, I feel it necessary to write what I have observed in the world after traveling through more than 60 countries.

Riq Worldpackers

Apr 01, 2023



We live in very contradictory times. Never before have we had such abundance and prosperity in the world, but even so, suffering is at its peak and with much polarization, giving evidence to the despair that is life on Earth. For the first time in a long time, every being on the Planet has the possibility of shelter, food and friends, the three essential things for a happy and complete existence.

But we know that some have much and many have little. Because we don’t know our essence, our purpose and the fact that we are all brothers of the same species, we seek a sense of identity and attack ourselves fiercely to prove, to others and ourselves, that we exist and that we are good people seeking after justice and happiness. It has always been sold to people that we are beings separated one from another, that the world is a constant battle where the strongest survive and that we have to suffer to be happy in the future.

This illusion that has been passed onto us is dissipating. I can sense that we are at the end of an Age, that of “me” against “you”, of egoism, of fear of scarcity, of ignorance, of the illusion that we are separated and not an essential part of the whole. We are entering into an Age of “us”, of the collective, of true friendship.

There is no way to stop this change, it is already on course and is greater than whatever ego that still is defending the previous model of living on this planet. As everything that lives wants to continue living, this system based in war, suffering and inequality is in its last attempts for survival and, like any cornered animal, is using all of its weapons.

We are the existence of realization, a shower of consciousness that is true and full contentment. As challenging as times are, you can be sure that everything will get better. The ego, on an individual and collective level, is defending itself however it can to not disappear. This change in the frequency of energy in the world brings much light and many can already feel this peace. Others fight however they can to maintain the illusion of being separate from the whole. It could get worse before it gets better, but I ask that we have patience and not return hate with hate.

Understand that I am not talking about religion, education or politics, but about our essence, the Being that we are. I’m not negating the problems that exist in the world today, that are many, and that need our conscious action. Understand also, that you cannot change anyone that doesn’t want to be changed. Instead of suffering by observing the ignorance of people, I propose that we focus on seeing the parts in ourselves that still need to be enlightened.

Pointing the finger and blaming the other, especially in this period on the Earth, it will not help and will only put more fuel on the fire.

What makes you feel at peace? You are responsible for everything that happens in your life, aware of it or not. The cry of hate and fear that is heard is a desperate cry for love, for welcoming, for proving oneself as a living entity. There is so much deep trauma and the best way to help heal is to be peaceful. Peace leads to more peace.

This ultimate peace comes from the realization of it’s very own nature. Self-hatred and the destruction of life on the Earth is the same thing, so seek to work at how to be a human instead of blaming others. I know this is very hard to do right now, since division between people is increasing, you are not going to change anything by pointing fingers and accusing others, violence leads to more violence, you must have noticed that by now.

This competition in the world around us is the fruit of a patriarchal society that is falling apart, but the attachment to the power is still very great. Take note of your physical, mental and spiritual health, have a healthy diet, spend time in silence, in nature, exercise, learn how to love. Only by loving yourself can you truly love others, however ideologically different they may be.

Realize that and opinion is just an opinion, in essence, we are the same, trying to defend ourselves by attacking. We don’t want this same energy any longer. We don’t want it because we feel that it no longer belongs to this planet. We want peace, justice, freedom and joy.

Let’s cultivate these things within ourselves first to be catalysts of change already underway. I know that the destruction of the planet is happening very fast, that self-hatred is emanating and attacking everything and everyone. Do not enter into this ego game, don’t try to prove that you are right by saying that the other is wrong, this does not help change what is happening. Suffering is a great teacher in this time of the Earth and will bring the necessary lessons.

I know it hurts and at times seems unbearable, but I assure you that you can find peace in the whirlwind and bring true peace wherever you go. Realize the abundance and prosperity that exists in the world, a relatively more peaceful period in the history of humanity, No one changes another, but you can further the change of another by being at peace with yourself.

Your positivity is an essential part of the process. Act according to your heart even when no one is watching. We continually intersect and everything is connected and soon, what you do in yourself resonates with the whole. I know how frustrating the fact is that we need monumental changes to reverse so much injustice at the speed that preservation needs.

I realize that only here, in this community, there are more than 1,300,000 people that believe in this and can GREATLY reverberate this current of good. Just act according to your heart, avoid attacking your brothers and returning hate with hate. Show the way of peace, of non-violence. Humanity is sick and the cure is love. Love comes out of self-discovery, because in essence, this is what we all are, whether we realize it or not.

At Worldpackers we believe that traveling transforms people, because they help us to realize that what is different is in fact not that different. These are the people that realize this change the world, change bringing more peace and acceptance for all.

Let’s unite and stay strong as a community. I know how difficult it is to talk about certain subjects with our family and friends, because attacks, ignorance and hate come with everything.

We must learn to forgive them, for only then will we be truly free.

Let’s strengthen and help each other. This community supports every form of diversity, every condition of all human beings and shares in the search for a truly sustainable planet. 

We dream of world peace and act to reach it. Our fight is peaceful, but we will not rest until we get there. And if we never get there, let’s have fun on the way, traveling around the world, learning from every human being we encounter and especially through self-discovery, learning and teaching through love.

I have gone through many difficult moments in my life and have sought many tools to find this peace and joy (diverse religions, spirituality, powerful plants, various forms of therapy, nature, fasting, meditation, infinite books, art, tantra, yoga, gurus, entrepreneurship, food, shamans, exercises, healers, travel to more than 60 countries) and I want to share the tools that will help you to better know yourself, because bringing more peace increases my peace.


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