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You should come to our place because we are in the middle of Europe and you will have a good time here for sure! We're like a family and have a lot of guests from all over the world.

We are a very familiar team and like to do a party together as well sometimes or going for a hike. We will treat you like a human, you will sleep at the staff apartment with other members of the crew.

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I met a lot of really cool people, who made the experience nice. The tasks you will be doing are all housekeeping for about 3.5-4.5 hours a day. You get two days off per week, but they aren't always consecutive. You get free breakfast and for dinner, you are given a budget and all the volunteers take turns cooking for each other. You also get two free drinks for every day you work and discounts at the bar anytime. One thing to note is that the hostel is in the red light district, but nothing too bad happened to me or any other volunteer while I was there.

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Fueron bastantes buenos con nosotros, me sentí cómodo mas allá de que no supiera hablar ingles ni aleman, todos tratan de entenderte y con paciencia te responden, muy amables con nosotros, no hay nada malo para decir del equipo de trabajo que tienen.

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We really enjoyed our first volunteer experience at Hostel 5Elements.
What was offered on the WP platform was fulfilled and we felt comfortable there and happy to being able to help.
The hostel is in the city center close to the main station. Like most centers, the region is a little dirtier and with a lot of homeless people, but there is no danger even at night and in a few blocks it is already possible to reach the river, which is a very beautiful region, with several options for activities, museums and the historic part.
In summary, the experience was well worth it!

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Costa Rica


It was an awesome experience, and everyone treated with love and respect.

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It was an incredible experience, the people in the hostel were very friendly. Everything was as agreed from the beginning. I definitely recommend it especially to people who want to improve their German.

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