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La Aldea es un lugar perfecto para desconectarse de la vida urbana, de la abundancia de información y medios masivos de comunicación, y de la alocada velocidad del día a día.

Este espacio brinda la paz y tranquilidad que sólo nos puede dar la inmersión total en la naturaleza, ayudándonos a concentrarnos en lo que consideramos esencial en nuestras vidas: auto-abastecernos con una alimentación sana, conectarnos con nosotros mismos y permitirnos experimentar y aprender de la experiencia de la vida en comunidad, al tiempo que nos enriquecemos creando vínculos y relaciones humanas de calidad, compartiendo abiertamente nuestras culturas.


Aldea is the perfect place to disconnect from urban life, the abundance of distractions and information from mass media, and the crazy rithm of modern lifestyles.

This place gives us the peace and calmness that only total immersion in nature can bring, helping to concentrate in what we consider essential in our lives:
Self-sufficiency in a healthy diet, connect with ourselves, and allow us to experiment, grow and learn from community living, at the same time we enrich ourselves creating bonds and quality human relationships, sharing our cultures openly.

Los que habitamos la aldea nos consideramos hermanos, y recibimos a todo aquel que se acerca como un igual, parte de la familia humana que formamos entre todos. Plasmamos el equilibrio físico - espiritual - emocional en nuestra convivencia y nos relacionamos con el corazón abierto y la mente dispuesta a escucharlo, permitiéndonos experimentar la vida simple, reconectándonos con nuestra esencia, experimentando, jugando y aprendiendo juntos. -[ENGLISH]- We consider ourselves brothers, and receive everyone who comes here as an equal, part of the human family that we all share. We practice the physical - spiritual - emotional equilibrium living together, and we relate to each other with an open heart and the mind willing to listen to it, allowing us to experience the simple life, reconnecting with our essence, playing and learning together.


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En Aldea Oasis se quedó un pedacito de mi corazón, volvería a vivir lo que viví ahí mil veces. Es un lugar único que te invita a desconectar y a conectar, y las energías positivas de la personas que van ahí nunca faltan. Gonzalo y Raúl son lo más, van a asegurarse de que tengas una experiencia hermosa y quieras volver. Para siempre agradecida por esta experiencia

hace 3 meses



It was a great experience! I arrived in mid january and stayed 4 weeks. Good company with Gonzalo and Raul (other volunteers too). It needs some time to get used to the environment and all the daily tasks that needs to be done (when we were not so many the daily tasks - that were not concidered as work to the ~5h/day (no fixed shifts) - felt like much work), but with time you get into the rythm, and it can be really chill.
But overall the nature, living simple, not consuming much... Helped me a lot processing thaughts!
It's an Experience on it's own, that I definitely recommend!
Thx G&R (&co.)

hace 4 meses

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I had a great time at Aldea Oasis! It was so nice to disconnect and really get in touch with nature. It was a really nice escape that I hope to come back to one day. The simple way of life brings us back to the basics and filled me with a sense of calmness. Thank you so much for everything Gonzalo!

hace 5 meses



I am lost for words, no short or extremely long comment could ever be enough to describe what Aldea Oasis and Gonzalo have done for me. Put in a simple way there was a before and an after Aldea oasis. So from the bottom of my heart thank you! Thank you for creating such a magical place. I am deeply grateful for the time, the freedom, the space you gave me. I was able to be me , to play like a child again, to experience embracing failure. To learn a lot about myself , plants, everything really.

Thank you so much for such an unforgettable and valuable experience. Take care, love. Meli

hace 6 meses



The project was such a special experience for me. The aldeaoasis is a place to connect to nature, to the other people there and to yourself. The work is fun, especially because you'll have lots of freedoms. I was able to contribute with things I already knew, but I was also able to learn many new skills! Gonzalo is a great teacher, and he was very thankful.
The atmosphere during my stay was welcoming and open. We spend a lot of time together: eating, talking, stargazing and working of course.
It is very different from what most people are used to, but it's a place that feels like home.

hace 6 meses

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