Alma Bed and Breakfast

Alma Hostel it is quiet place where we like to share with our guests, conversation, good music, it is warm and comfortable place where may feel that it is a home, we care about the details and a close attention.

We are people close all share daily, and we strive to make this every day best Host, We are willing to help us when we need to and respect is very important for the work.


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I spent four weeks at Alma hostel and it was great! Federico, Martin, Magda, Amelia and Lydia were all really nice and easy to work with. Federico was nice enough to let me just work the evenings so that I could go to Spanish classes in the mornings.

It's a very relaxed atmosphere and the tasks are easy enough. Just hanging washing, tidying and check in and outs. You get a nice room, usually to yourself. Sometimes you have to move rooms if the place is full but it's no big problem.

Overall this was a really good worldpackers experience and I would recommend it to all!



I recommend to Alma Hostel to realize the experience that offers worldpackers. I felt very good during my stay in alma hostel. The staff was really nice to me. I take very nice memories of these two weeks there.



It was a great experience! The enviroment is very pleasing. The staff is super friendly. The owners Paz and Silhi were always there to help, taught me a lot about how the hostel works and how the business is run as I had never worked in a hostel before. I covered Paz vacations for one week, and even when the hostel was busy it was relaxed because they're very organized and my coworkers helped. The location of the hostel is perfect because you can go to every tourist sites just walking or with the subway wich is 2 blocks away and Barrio Italia itself is a good place to stay.
Very recommended!


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