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I stayed for 2 weeks at Amazigh and it was an amazing experience! The tasks (mainly making bed & vacuuming) were very easy but had to be done responsibly. The town itself is a quiet place but has great things to offer, like a castle and vegan cafés. You can also easily reach surf spots nearby if you have car. The team there is very welcoming and friendly. If you need a break from city life this is the place to be!

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I absolutely loved my stay at Amazigh Hostel!
The team (permanent staff and one other volunteer) really welcomed me and made me feel at home. The job is not light (making beds and vacuming bedrooms) but it is performed as a team in a relaxed environment.
The hostel was cozy and located in the city center but quite far from the beach and there is no public transportation to go there. The closest beach is 30min by bike.
I met a lot of incredible people during my stay but the hostel in itself does not offer any type of community activities (there is no shared breakfast or joined classes).

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Salomé had her first experience as a volunteer with us. Her communication skills and interaction with guests are (undoubtedly) her strong suit. She easily interacted and connected with our guests. The position she occupied was for cleaning and tidying the rooms, and her lack of experience and practice became a little more apparent, reflecting in some of the delay and quality of the tidying. But nothing that compromised our day-to-day work. Overall, we enjoyed having her with us and would recommend her for new opportunities.

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This was my first worldpackers experience and I loved every bit of it. Beautiful place and incredibly friendly people everywhere, the work is simple and fair, the town itself has everything you need and there are plenty of amazing beaches nearby. The team was very welcoming and kind so I absolutely recommend this place. Thank you all for the wonderful experience:)

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This was my first volunteering experience and I am glad I did it at Amazigh Hostel. All the people were very sweet and friendly, happy characters. The work was only three hours a day (still like my personal gym) and perfectly integrated into the day. The team dorm has two beds and a big private bathroom. Aljezur is the perfect place for you if you love nature and hiking and need a break from city life.

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Realmente encantada com o lugar.
Equipe muito solicita e sempre disponível para ajudar, e ainda tive uma baita sorte de encontrar voluntários que fizeram essa experiência ainda melhor. Fiz ótimas conexões com todos.
O hostel é ótimo... instalações e localização excelentes, o contato com os hóspedes é uma boa oportunidade para praticar outros idiomas, além de que a vaga têm tarefas tranquilas e horários respeitados, possibilitando conhecer melhor o local e as praias : )
Super recomendo a experiência. Obrigada, pessoal!

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