Amazing Experience at Portugal in Alentejo

The house is surrounded by green spaces, silence reigns, interrupted only by the sounds of the countryside. We favor a simple environment, authentic, cozy and comfortable, where luxury is nature itself. Between the countryside and the beach are the most beautiful and well-preserved coastal areas of southern Europe where you can still find true natural treasures: pristine beaches, lagoons, places lost in time, walking trails. It`s the ideal place to stroll, rest and live with nature. Free WiFi available 24 hours. Acess to the swimming pool.

We are a couple with 55 years. We like to get along, meet new people and relax. We like to read, walk and travel. We will help you to know about our beautiful Alentejo coast. Our basic team has 6 people and we have in high season 3 or 4 volunteers. We have 10 rooms for guests and 2 for volunteers.

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This has been my first volunteering experience with Worldpackers, and it has been a great one! Ponte Pedra is a magical place immersed in the nature, with beautiful beaches nearby! Jorge and Anna are amazing, they are very caring and always make sure that you are having a good time. The whole staff is supportive, and the dogs Farouk and Açorda are always available to play and spend some nice time with you. All in all, if you are looking for a quiet experience in a magical place, I would totally recommend it!

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Such a beautiful place! It's very inspiring to know how Ana and Jorge created that place from scratch and how they manage it. For sure I learned from it. I'm really glad they accepted me besides my job, and we manage to organize a schedule I could always be part of. They always take more than one volunteer, so it's great to connect with people.
Work had good days and hard days, the fixed staff sometimes is stressed and I think it shouldn't split on volunteers, but I'm sure Ana is taking care of it, and maybe it was a one time event. Overall, I totally recommend it and would like to come back!

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This volunteering has been a great experience. Ana and George welcome you from the beginning, the hotel staff is very friendly and you share very good moments with the other volunteers. And Sorda and Faruk are always ready to play for a while🐶 I will keep great memories of Ponte Pedra!

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I could not write a review on time, sorry. So: José is one of the best persons we ever met and one of the best volunteers , it was an honour to receive you. THANK YOU



Ponte Pedra will always hold a special place in my heart. It is an amazing place but what makes it irreplaceable is Jorge and Ana. They are so warm, kind, giving, caring, and incredibly entertaining in the best ways possible. The work was not difficult at all and you had a lot of time to do what you please. If you are looking for a calm, quiet, place in nature, I highly recommend this place!

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Volunteering at Ponte Pedra was an amazing experience!

I fully recommend it for anyone who is looking to disconnect from the city life, live within the nature for a couple of weeks and meet amazing people !

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