Artis Tirma

It is a quiet place, where you can relax and connect with yourself. We speak several languages (spanish, german, english) so you can practice those also. We are spiritual and artistic people, who like to have a good conversation sometimes and a good meal together, but respect your space also.You accomodation is in a specific place next to Artis Tirma, also beside the mountain very beautiful with outdoor kitchen, bathroom, and four caravans around with green space. Each caravan are individual for each person .

We are a retired couple running the finca ourselves with the help of volunteers. A good environment where you can meet people who are also doing a work exchange. We are working as a team and everyone has their own responsibility. We prefer non smokers.

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Un lugar tranquilo para relajarse después del trabajo, que a veces puede ser muy exigente. Las unicas partes negativas que encontré se relacionaban con la dificultad para moverse facilmente por la isla y la falta de conexion relazional entre el anfitrion y los voluntarios, muchas veces mas similar a una relazion laboral que a una de voluntariado

hace 8 días



I'm a Malaysian Chinese. It is not common for Asian Chinese to join worldpackers. It was my first time volunteering in overseas. I felt at home . The hosts, Elvira and Heinz are really good. I did not feel excluded. I also met a lot of nice people (i.e the guests and the host's family and friends) while working at Artis Tirma. It was a great experience to know other International travelers and sleep in a caravan which I have never done that in my life :)

hace 20 días



It was our first volunteering and we can highly recomended!

Elvira and Heinz are really positive and open-minded people ♡

The place is magical, full of art, paintings and greenery. During your stay you can use swimming pool to relax or pyramide to practice joga.

We were here 10 weeks but we recomended staying 4-6 weeks because after this time we have seen everything on the Island.

It is also worth saying that "included food" is provided as 30€ per week for groceries (shop & cook by yourself).

We are really greatefull for showing us your lifestyle. Thank you Elvira and Heinz ❤

hace 28 días



Definitely loved the experience 80 % of time. Sometimes there is unexpected change of schedule, but you always have 2 days a week free. I recommend knowing at least basic spanish and take some warmer clothes in the winter.

hace 29 días

Elvira respondido

Thank you very much Marius and Magdalena for your help and your teachings, it was a fun few weeks.



Can recommend! 💯
Beautiful, remote place to calm down, meditate and chill. ✨
Elvira and Heinz are a lovely couple, very thoughtful and impressive personalities.

The included food is „only“ an allowance of 30€ a week, you shop & cook for yourself.
Sometimes Elvira cooks for all.

To get around you take the public transport, sometimes you can use Elvira’s car. Or rent a car.

The volunteers place is nice, kind of like a shared apartment with separate beds (the caravans)

Would recommend staying 4 to max. 6 weeks because after that you’ve seen everything on the island.
Thank you Elvira 🫶🏻

hace 2 meses

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