Basaga Holiday Resort - Lundu

Orangutan Project has approached a new way to fund raise - opening and running businesses that donate 100% of our profits conservation and animal welfare causes. Our gorgeous beach resort is one of these businesses. Helpers will be living and working at the beach resort and will be able to use hotel amenities, such as the kitchen, pool and, of course, the beach right out your front door. On your off days you can explore the surrounding areas of Sarawak, that include: -Kuching City -Kubah National Park -Bako National Park -Semenggoh Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre -Gunung Gading National Park -Wind Caves & Fairy Caves -Sarawak Cultural Village Because our world is changing we believe that in order to make a real and sustainable difference we need to diversify our approach to funding conservation and animal welfare work. We care for over 400 animals at Matang Wildlife Centre including orangutan, sun bears, macaques, and gibbons. These animals need our help, but so do the ones in the jungle whose habitat is quickly being destroyed. This is why we are committed to finding alternative fundraising ventures that can make a large impact on conservation on Borneo. We currently run two bars, a hotel & restaurant, green grocer, candle company and beach resort. As is the case with all of our fundraising businesses, 100% of Orangutan Project's share of the profits is used to further conservation and welfare work.

We have a very small team with lots of ideas how to make the world a better place, so we are looking for people who are self-motivated, independent, and willing to take initiative. Previous professional experience is a plus! Living in a new city in a new country has its challenges, and the resort is a bit isolated, being a 10 minute drive to the nearest town. You will also be living where you are working which may add stresses to those unaccustomed to self-managing their work and personal time. Our ideal helpers are strong and self-sufficient in their personal and professional lives. We offer accommodation and a weekly food stipend, as well as discounts at all of our businesses in Kuching (bars, hotel, restaurant, green grocer). In return, we want diligent workers looking to make a difference! **We, Orangutan Project, are interested in a wide range of projects and activities, so helpers with varying skills sets are very welcome. Projects include candle making, plastic recycling, 3D printing, permaculture, farming, composting, building, welding, videography, photography, web design, and restaurant & bar management. If you have skills and are looking to help in other ways, drop us a line!**

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