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Be apart of our project!! Volunteers have an opportunity to stay in top one favourite accommodation in Hai Phong which is a beautiful woody house with a garden view where you can appreciate the nature You will not only have chance to meaningfully contribute to improve local lives but also meet many friendly people, truly explore Vietnamese culture, enjoy traditional food. Some of your students might even take you around the city in a way that you could only experience with the locals. Don't be a tourist. Be a traveler. Come and experience a place of the beaten track. This life does not disappoint. We are living in a super beautiful wooden house which is close to nature so i am sure you will love it here a lot. Many volunteers extend their stay because of the house and the meaningful experience with local friends and other volunteers

At Big Hero, you are treated as part of a family. After classes, volunteers often hang out and have fun with local staff and students at Bia Hoi


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The people at the center are really nice. You get to live in a house with other volunteers and Marky, who is the nicest and craziest person :) Food is amazing. The assistants and students are mostly welcoming. Hai Phong doesn't have much to see but it's like living the every day life of locals.

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Andy respondido

My apology foor the late reply. Ilke is very helpful and supportive volunteers. She was willing to help out at any tasks needed. All children and adults love the way she taught them. Highly recommend her with future host


The best people I met in this platform. Special thanks to James and Chi they are simply the best. I was there for three weeks and contemplating to go back. They make you feel like home.

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