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Discover the beauty of South India and Pondicherry, while helping the unprotected children and communities!

Here you will be able to help in a lot of ways the community, starting from teaching or helping the children from our Children's Home, with about 40 orphan or unprotected children, to contributing to the daily routine, or helping us with the administration and fundraising of many projects that are continually improving the health and quality of life of the poor and powerless people.

We are a family who runs a family NGO. BLESS was created 27 years ago, and today we live in a small farm where is also located the Children's Home, created to shelter and educate unprotected and orphan children from the surrounding villages. Here everybody shares local home-made food, the house work and the children's day-by-day living. Every volunteer will have a private or shared room and will have total support from the family, since this is what we do for living for many years! Besides the 3 typical Tamil Nadu meals per day and the free laundry machine. the volunteer will also be able to borrow a scooter to ride to beautiful Pondicherry, which is located 20 min away from the Children's Home.


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If some one is looking for opportunity to meet locals and experience nature, this is a wonderful NGO. Everyone is amazingly nice, welcoming and wonderful. They are definitely doing great work for abandoned infants, children and other projects. But I was looking for getting involved in some of the projects but there was no guideline, material or opportunity despite my suggestions. For example if I knew , I would’ve brought Tamil to English teaching book and baby story books with me. Ordering online did not work with that address.

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The experience at BLESS was simply unforgettable! From the first day onward the family and staff made me feel very welcomed, even taking me to an Indian wedding on the first weekend. The food was always fresh and delicious, so you never got hungry. At first I was a little confused about my tasks but after some time it became clear that I was going to be involved in a housing project to support a rural and needy village. The work was definitely eye-opening.
I recommend this opportunity to anyone who would like to immerse themselves into the Tamil culture and experience rural India first hand!!

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My experience at Bless was great 😊

the staff is lovely and always willing to help, the facilities were great, the food was outstanding.

In terms of work, my task was to teach English to the kids- these kids didn’t speak much English so this makes this task a little bit more complex as it was difficult to communicate with them

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It is my first experience in India, in a NGO.What I can say is that the family which is giving all its life for children, women, villages who need help to live, do a great job, they are all very friendly.My project was to paint on the outside wall some frescoes representing Bless'actions, as a direct publicity, and to give to the children 2 hours enjoying to color mandalas, a manner to put them in attention, concentration.I spent 1 month and a half in this big family which became mine and I know that I'll miss them.I hope I'll come back in October staying 6 months! It means: I recommande!

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My days at Bless are unforgettable. The Bless family is very humble and welcoming and the kids are the best, they are very energetic. One can get a glimpse of what the most rural areas of India are going through and Bless is doing great indeed an amazing job in empowering them. I already miss those kids! I think I will be going back there very soon. And about visiting nearby places Mr. Anthony who is the founder of bless will help you in whatever way he can. Thanks Anthony for the trip to Auroville.

Thanks a lot accepting me as volunteer

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