Cactus Surf And Skate House

if you love surfing and skating in perfect weather it's the place to be also I would love to teach them Moroccan/classic Arabic/French and English in need why not :)

we will treat them like family since we are Moroccans we grew up in a community used to cheering and helping each other its in our culture also if they are traveling around morocco I can help them find perfect places for volunteering all around morocco

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The experience was very pleasant, the hostel owners are very friendly and help you with everything you need, I will definitely return to Cactus Hostel.
If you like surfing and skateboarding, it is definitely a place that you will love. If you want to isolate yourself a little from the city, it is perfect to relax and chill

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i loved my stay at cactus. the shifts are amazing because we have practically 3 days off, the activities are easy, and the atmosphere is very peaceful. the owners are understanding and make you feel at home. the only thing i was disappointed about was that i was hoping to get surf lessons, but they only lend you the board and you have to take it to the beach, which isn't very close by. but apart from that, it's perfect! i intend to come back!

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100% recommended ✅

This volunteering experience was exceptional to me !
Younes, Zac, Larbi, Smail and the volunteers were really nice and caring, you all made Cactus a safe place 🙏

The tasks are equitably allocated and really simple.
Also you get to meet a lot of travelers with various backgrounds which is the best way to acquire more social skills !
And i for suuure improved in surf and skate because i could almost go everyday for a sess :D

I'm fully convinced this place attracts good souls

Thank you guys, i fell in love with Morocco <3

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I absolutely loved my time at Cactus! Younes and the guys are so welcoming and really created a home away from home for me! The jobs are fair and hours are well respected. It really is all about team work there, for example a few times I had a lot of beds to make for check in but the guys came and helped out. Memories of a lifetime have been made at Cactus and i’ll for sure be back! 🤠 100% recommend < 3

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One of the best travel experiences, extended a month and still wasn't ready to leave. The boys are so welcoming, felt as though I was taken in like family and taught me a lot re surfing, skating and local language. People in reviews mention the hill- there are short cuts that halve the journey so ask someone to show you when you get there to save yourself time. Tasks are super chill, the breakfast is lovely and the terrace is dreamy. You are close to some good waves and other surf towns so try and do a day or overnight. Tamraght is a lovely town with less tourists for an authentic experience

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