Cal Guerxo

Do you experience emotional exhaustion when confronted, on a daily basis, with the increasingly dire predictions of science about climate change, ecosystem service degradation and the eventual fallout for human society? Do you believe it is time for a different worldview in which we restore and enrich our relationship with nature and other human beings? Would you like to start a project or are you involved in a project that aims to make a positive contribution rooted in a living- systems worldview? If the answer is yes, Cal Guerxo might be a place for you. At Cal Guerxo, our aim is to provide inspiration and tools for the development of regenerative projects, whether it is a place, a system or a process or simply a new way of being in the world. During your stay at Cal Guerxo you will have the opportunity to engage with an approach to project development based on an ecological worldview. We do not provide instructions on installing systems, choosing materials or planting gardens. Instead, we provide a learning opportunity in regenerative thinking allowing you to design and execute projects based on a different mindset and a different vision of the world. In exchange we invite you to contribute to the maintenance and further development of the beautiful place called Cal Guerxo. The kind of work that is needed changes over time and depends on the circumstances. This could involve a variety of activities such as working in the permaculture garden, researching, developing marketing & communication material, design, building stuff or more daily (but equally important) tasks such as cooking and cleaning. If you are interested, we would love to hear about your motivation to stay at Cal Guerxo and the skills that would allow you to make a positive contribution in exchange for an opportunity to engage with concepts and practices of Regenerative Development, Biophilic Design and Permaculture.

Cal Guerxo is located in a small village. To get there, you need to take a train from Barcelona (3-hour train ride) to a nearby train station. I pick you up at the train station which is 15 minutes by car from the house. During your time off, you can enjoy walks in nature and explore the surroundings. This is a place for people that enjoy the quietness and beauty of nature. There is a bus station near the house allowing you to go and visit some of the neigbouring towns. A drivers licence would be useful but is not a requirement.


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Qué puedo decir de mi estancia en Cal Guerxo (Bresca). Ha sido una experiencia inolvidable en un lugar mágico. La casa esta situada en un lugar alejado del ruido de las ciudades, en medio de la naturaleza, donde puedes conectar con esa energía que te transmite esta. El nivel de mi energía vital con el que me he sentido todas estas semanas ha sido espectacular. Además, Emmanuel esta desarrollando un proyecto super bonito de desarrollo regenerativo con la casa y los voluntarios, un concepto hoy en día muy desconocido por la sociedad. Emmanuel MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS por esta experiencia.

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Es mi primer experiencia como voluntario, y como a muchos nos pasa al principio tenemos miedos!
En este caso todo el miedo se fue cuando conocí a Emmanuel, su carisma, sencillez y su predisposición hacia los voluntarios, siempre muy atento a nuestras necesidades.
Estoy muy contento de haber llegado a este lugar mágico, todo es maravilloso!
Este voluntariado me deja muchos conocimientos, la importancia que tiene la naturaleza en nuestras vidas, la forma de adaptarnos a ella sin causar daño, un estilo de vida sustentable y regenerativo.
Simplemente puedo decir GRACIAS, y hasta pronto!

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