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**LAST MINUTE, DECEMBER 2018: - NEEDING A HELPXER ASAP (making beds+cleaning, 20h/week) ** We are a small hostel of 40 beds, centrally located and walking distance to many attractions. Located just far enough from the busy areas, our location is popular with locals as well. We are NOT A PARTY HOSTEL but a quiet and relaxing place to sleep and socialize. We are something between a hostel and a house share of travelers because the hostel is 2 independent apartments, so it's like 2 small hostels of 4 rooms and 20 beds each. Our guests really appreciate our homey atmosphere and we hope you do as well. You will work 4 shifts a week, a total of 20h. You will help us in the housekeeping and we will host you in the hostel. We would like to welcome people that really fit our relaxed and homey atmosphere. We are dedicated to providing you flexibility, understanding, acknowledgement, training/development and an environment that will allow you to create bonds with people from all over the world. In return, we expect a positive attitude, a reliable commitment and dedication to work hard, learn new things and to make the most out of a unique experience.

Elementary spanish is a MUST for reception tasks as we often have guests who do not speak another language. We try to maintain at least a 60% spanish speaking environment among volunteers, in order to give everyone the opportunity to improve their bases. We are trying to maintain a place that is friendly, calm, clean and full of respect. You'll be a GREAT MATCH if you can quickly adapt, engage with guests, and make them feel comfortable in the hostel. You'll be the BEST MATCH if you can feed yourself with our guests life stories, if you are easily rewarded by the smile on their face, a happy-to-be-here vibe or with positive feedback from them. Thank you / Gracias!

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A experiência, por mais que tenha sido curta, foi muito legal. Conheci bastante gente, de diversos lugares do mundo. As tarefas ocupavam pouca parte do dia, o que permitia que eu conhecesse bem a cidade. Foi incrível!

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